Take a break

There's a lot to be said for Time Management skills, but even if you have none, this one, YOU CAN DO. 'Take a break'!

Sounds silly? In China and Japan they work 10 to 12 hours a day. How can they keep going without 'burn out'? Easy, they take a break. Each employee is expected to meditate at intervals throughout the day. Other countries have Siesta's (afternoon nap). Here in North America, it's 'coffee break'.

The importance of these breaks can't be stressed enough, yet employees still work through them. I realize that sometimes it's impossible for a coffee break, but there are other ways. If you're at a desk all day, try a few walks around the desk, or even some stretches can do wonders. Even a change of pace gives the body time to adjust. If you've been on the phone all morning, try to stay off for an hour and change positions, maybe photocopy some things, or change from sitting to standing.

Still don't believe it makes a difference? Ask someone who has kids if 15 minutes without them makes a difference. Peace and quiet at last is not just a saying but also a need. Those who do word searches or crossword puzzles know that sometimes, if you leave it for a couple of minutes, the answer is there upon return.

Another way for new inspiration is exercise. These big corporations with their own gyms don't put them in as perks. But rather as inspiration innovators, to increase productivity. Some corporations give employees extra long lunch's to participate in exercise classes with trainers. Never mind the benefits of physically and mentally healthy employees.

Do you want to inspire your employees? Nothing could say more than your boss coming to you and saying, "You've been working really hard, why don't you take a well deserved break." In that one sentence alone, you have given acknowledgment to another person, put them on the same playing field; recognition of their hard work; a bonus to boot and boosted their own self image. All of which, result in productivity. So go ahead, 'Take a break'!

C. Dawson, media department


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