Brainstorming Objectives - Creativity Session

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  • Overview
  • Brainstorming objectives
  • Rules
  • Brainstorming activities
  • Summarize
  • Next steps
  • Quick overview of what this meeting is all about
    • Agenda
    • What to expect
Brainstorming Objectives
  • Describe the objective(s) of the exercise:
    • New product or service ideas?
    • New feature ideas?
    • Feature/product naming?
    • Promotion ideas?
    • New process for doing something?
  • Define top requirements or restrictions
  • No idea is a bad idea
  • Be creative
  • Take Risks
  • No Criticism allowed
Brainstorming Activity
  • Generate ideas
    • Use games and exercises to "warm up" your creative thinking
    • When ideas slow down, try another exercise to generate fresh ideas
    • Breaking into smaller groups may be helpful
  • Use a computer to capture every comment/idea (Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc)
  • Review Ideas
  • Vote on top candidates and consolidate
  • Check requirements and restrictions
  • Trim list to top 5-10 ideas
Next Steps
  • Describe what happens next:
    • Research the ideas generated?
    • Follow up with larger group?
  • Generate action items for follow-up:
    • Start turning ideas into reality.
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