Time management while traveling

I want to be a fly on the wall. We've all said it and wished it. Tired of the trains, planes, and automobile travel blues. Wasted travel time. Nothing accomplished just time lost. If only we could be a fly and just go or disappear.

I hate traveling, at least for business. A never ending circle of meetings and delays. Endless hotel rooms and travel arrangements. Ok, ok, you like to travel? Well so would I on a pleasure basis and lots and lots of money. So how do we accomplish the goal of making money while traveling? In addition getting out of this fly trap.

Flying around the travel seen with company executives sheds a lot of light on ways to improve this overlooked part of money lost. One of the most effective ways is ticket booking. Discounted fares and seat sales are cramped, slow and do nothing for a executive's efficiency. Saving a few dollars on the onset will cost hundreds on the outset. For the extra cost of first class you can accomplish a wonderful working environment. This with little or no disruptions (peanuts or a drink). A perfect quiet time for accomplishing letters, E-mail, or setting up appointments upon arrival etc..... Even trains have private rooms (cabins) for a few dollars more.

Cars are the worst form of travel from a time management point of view. Executives that drive are losing precious working time. They also arrive tired from the long haul, ready for nothing!

There are two ways around this. On short trips have someone else drive: taxi, bus, train. This frees up time for more important tasks. If you must drive then consider some educational or training tapes or Cd's to listen to while driving. Thus making the trip more productive.

The other is on longer hauls, 3 hours or more. Consider overnight accommodations. So much more can be accomplished on less stressed, well rested minds.

There's a lot to be said when watching and listening to other companies executives moan and groan about being caught in this fly trap. I love being a fly on the wall, now that's when time flies!

YOUR TRAVELING ACCESSORIES SHOULD INCLUDE: laptop computer or palm, pen and paper, educational listening / reading material , cell phone.

C. Dawson, media department


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