How Much Is Your Time Worth?

"Time can never be replaced once it has been used"

One of the Fortune 500 CEO's had an average of only 28 min of productive time a day! (However, for our purposes here we will use 1/3 of your time). Calculating a value may not be an exact science, however, coming up with this value will allow you to gauge if a particular Activity (project) is worth doing. Therefore having a value for your time will change how you relate to the decisions that you make every day.

Productivity Hourly Calculator

Enter your Income or earnings target:
    (Your approximate salary per year, Example 45,000)
Enter the number of hours you work in a year:
  (Example. 244 days x 8 hours day = 1952 in a year)
Enter what percentage per day you are 'Productive':   (Ex. 3=1/3 day , 4=1/4 day , 5=1/5 day, 6=1/6 day)
One hour of your 'Productive' Time is Worth:
  (Approximate figure, excludes taxes, benefits etc.)

Now you can see why it is so important to keep track of your time and make sure you are working on the right priorities.

Productive Time

During a typical workday, a person must juggle meetings, deadlines, phone calls, e-mail, questions from colleagues and many unforeseen interruptions. Productive Time is the time spent working on a specific tasks with over 95% of your concentration. It therefore is the time per day without distractions of any sort.

How can I improve my Productive Time? We have many articles on this issue within our Time Management Tips section, though you may want to Start with the Basics.

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