Business reporting

Powerful reporting capabilities are built in to Dovico Timesheet with over 80 reports. Reports can be generated for any date range by project, assignments, employee, etc. to help determine your project's status, where costs are being incurred, compare budget vs actuals and so on.

Automated reporting - Schedule and email reports to employees, managers or clients on a one-time or recurring basis.

Custom reports - Add your own custom reports or change the name, description, custom terminology, security or filtering. Customize existing reports for your needs or import your own reports.

Reports, graphs and charts - Boost profits with time spent on billable work. Gives you access to built-in reports and graphs in real time for timesheet management, performance management, project tracking, billing, and project management.

Export reports - Reports can be viewed, saved or e-mailed in PDF, Word, Excel, RTF or CSV formats. Continuous improvement allows your company to reach full capacity.

Sample reports - By monitoring all aspects of how your company's time and energy is being spent, you will be able to curtail needless waste and increase your bottom line.