Dovico API - for developers

CREATE APPS FOR DOVICO - The Dovico Hosted Services API allows customers and third party developers to expand and build on the Dovico Hosted platform.

Dovico Hosted clients can now benefit by integrating their time and expense data with virtually any on-premise applications, accounting software, etc that can be imagined. With Dovico's Hosted API, the possibilities are only limited by your own code developer skills! Apps can be created that benefit the whole company, managers, time entry users, or perhaps something for your own individual requirements. You can even create something that could be distributed to other companies using Dovico. Don't have the necessary skills or time to create your integration module, app, tool, widget or dashboard? You can always outsource this. Give us a call and we will try to find someone to help.

The Dovico Hosted Services API is a REST API for accessing Dovico Hosted Services account data using HTTP and XML. This API allows your Dovico Services to be integrated with on-premise applications, other cloud services and third party applications

Some potential application ideas:

  • Integrate with third party billing services.
  • Develop a mobile platform dashboard application for a project's Key Performance Index (KPI).
  • Integrate with on-premise accounting software.
  • Custom import tools (QuickBooks, Sage, CSV, etc.)
  • Desktop time entry App.

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What is Dovico Software?

Simple to use employee time and expense tracking for projects within small to large businesses. Improves employee efficiency, staff productivity, project control and increases profitability in 60 days... We Guarantee It! For small to large businesses.

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