Easy timesheet & expense tracking

Dovico Timesheet is ideally suited for companies who need to track time to improve personal and team productivity and to monitor projects while work is being done. Employees simply enter time (or expenses) against a project and submit these entries for reporting, approvals and billing.

Project time tracking that works - Time entry can be accomplished in three basic ways: Enter a duration against a task in bulk time; track time while you work with the timer; enter time using start/end times. Simple to learn, less than 5 minutes.

Time and expense entry for billing - Track and monitor billable and non-billable time and expenses to help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Billable time is what you bill a client, non-billable time cannot be billed to clients.

Automated notifications - E-mail notifications and alerts can be automatically sent to employees and managers. Know when project time and cost targets have been reached, or when managers and employees are required to perform certain duties such as submitting or approving time and expenses. Reports can also be automatically created and e-mailed to employees and clients on a one time or recurring basis.

Approval workflows - Approval Workflows direct submitted employee time and expense sheets to one or more designated managers for approval. Approval workflows can ensure that submitted time and expenses are entered accurately before the data can be forwarded for its ultimate use.

Time lockout - The Time Lockout feature can be important for those companies using the time data for payroll, billing, or any purpose where it is critical that no information be added, or altered, after a specific date. This can be set as a one-time event or can be configured as a recurring rule which repeats based on a schedule; weekly, monthly, etc.

Assignments - Assignments establish who works on what and are required before employees can begin to track their time on projects and tasks. Employees only see the projects and tasks to which they are assigned.

Attach receipts - To further aid in expediting expense management and reimbursements, the ability for end-users to attach receipts to any expense entry has been added. You can attach PDFs or scanned images.

Multiple currencies - Whether your workforce is spread out over the globe - or your clients are, with over 180 foreign currencies, and free access to currency exchange rates from OANDA, there are no practical limitations to how you can gather and report on your data. A currency can be selected for each project, each employee rate, or expense entered into the software. Allows project costs to be budgeted and tracked in multiple currencies.

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