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PLEASE NOTE - These reports are no longer supported by Dovico. Use them at your own risk.

To Import or Export a Report for employee timesheets and time tracking, please refer to your help file ' Reports Explorer ' and set security permissions. Very Important: Please verify your project time tracking software version and select only applicable employee timesheet reports for your version.

Dovico Timesheet Reports

Dovico Timesheet v10.x Reports

Dovico Timesheet v9.x Reports

Dovico Timesheet v8.x Reports


Track-IT® Suite Reports (older version)

Track-IT Suite 2005 v12.x Reports



A4 Size

TimeNotSubmittedandRejectedTimebyEmployee.rxp: List of time entries not submitted or rejected.




ProjectFixedCosts.rxp: List of fixed cost projects with variance to company cost.




ProjectCostsbyTaskwithBudget.rxp: Project Costs by task.






Create your own custom time tracking reports

  1. Purchase Crystal Reports to create your own custom reports directly from Business Objects.
  2. You may Automate report creation and Web publishing through Crystal Enterprise

Importing & Exporting custom reports

  • Please see your help file within the project time tracking software for details

Important Security Notes!

  • If a manager adds or imports a new folder or report, by default the only security group that will have access to this report or report folder is the security group that the manager is currently a member of
  • A report can only be replaced if the user has access to the report
  • Report Security may be set and/or modified by right clicking on the report folder, or the individual report(s)