Hosted Online TimeSheet Software (SAAS, ASP) availability exceeds expectations for Dovico

Moncton, New Brunswick (CNW, January 22, 2007) - DOVICO Software announced today the rapid success of its Hosted TimeSheet Software (SAAS, ASP) revenues for their project time management software and time  tracking software, DOVICO Online TimeSheet Management Software. This newly released Online Time Tracking Software product, in combination with an online delivery method, has prompted the company to focus additional Sales, Support and Marketing resources to this venture much earlier than anticipated, with the immediate future requiring additional staff.

"This greatly improved project tracking software is really driving the increased activity at DOVICO. That's no surprise, but the number of new clients we've gained because of our Hosted Online TimeSheet Software is unexpected as we've done very little to promote this aspect of our software so far." said Yves Doucet, CEO and Partner at DOVICO.

With the never-ending complexity and in-house knowledge required to install, secure and maintain software, companies are looking for simpler implementation alternatives when purchasing time and expense tracking software. "By delivering DOVICO Timesheet from our Web Servers, clients no longer need to concern themselves with all these technical complications. Companies can focus on increasing profitability and efficiencies from using our software rather than wasting energy and inevitable implementation delays on making sure they have a state-of-the-art server or have the latest security patch from Microsoft." said Mr. Doucet

Although not a new concept, accessing software applications from 3 rd party computer servers is gaining corporate acceptance as previously justifiable concerns about privacy, security and down-time have been overcome. This delivery method, also known as Application Service Provider (ASP) and Software as a Service (SAAS), relieves the individual companies from all the headaches and roadblocks of installing software. Some clients have even admitted selecting the Hosted solution to bypass already resource drained IT departments.

Although highly beneficial for small companies wanting to outsource the technical aspects of installing and maintaining the TimeSheet Application, many larger companies have also opted for the Hosted Online TimeSheet Software. "We make sure everything is up-to-date and secure, that's essential no matter how big you are. We've even had 2 large and long-standing clients switch from their installed version to our Hosted Solution." said Mr. Doucet.


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About DOVICO Hosted Online TimeSheet Software

DOVICO Online TimeSheet is an award-winning hosted online time management software solution that monitors project costs, and employee time sheets and expenses. This installed or hosted online (SAAS) TimeSheet Software simplifies time tracking for online billing, payroll or project management. Keeping your other systems updated with crucial business management data. Integration to Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server is included.


As the leading developer of time management software, DOVICO Software provides proven time sheet and cost savings software that have been embraced by thousands of the world's best-known companies such as Motorola, WebMD, KPMG and Microsoft. Established in 1989 in response to the emerging global demand for enhanced operating efficiency, our easy-to-use web based timesheet and time management software will improve your productivity, project control and profitability in 60 days... Guaranteed!

For more information on DOVICO or DOVICO Hosted Online TimeSheet Software software please call 1-800-618-8463 ( North America ), +800 4618 8463 (International) or visit

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