Dovico Software - TimeSheet Software Revenue Growth Reveals Emerging Trend

Moncton, New Brunswick (January 14, 2008)

More companies are turning to functionality rich 'out-of-the-box' software to solve their time management difficulties. TimeSheet Software and Time Management Software can perform a wide range of practical tasks, such as tracking employee time, sick time, vacation, holidays and overtime. It can also monitor project time, costs, and expenses, alerting you to important project management benchmarks.

Where once an organization may have chosen to build their own software solution, many have discovered the benefits of choosing a packaged product. Those benefits include certainty of development and implementation costs, the ability to deploy quickly, predictable maintenance and support costs, assurances of best practices, and staying focused on their core business.

This trend is welcome news to DOVICO Software, and is evidenced by their recent announcement of fiscal revenues which have seen a three-year average growth of 30 per cent. DOVICO cites two substantial areas of growth; first is the Hosted Online Software Application market place (SAAS - Software as a Service) and second, the deployment in additional departments within client organizations.

"Leadership in this field," said Yves Doucet, DOVICO Software's founder and CEO, "is attained by meeting customer expectations as well as being innovative and flexible in the creation of our product and services."

Established in 1989 in response to the emerging global demand for improved operating efficiency, DOVICO Software's time and project tracking software products have been embraced by thousands of the world's best-known companies such as Motorola, WebMD , Michigan State University and Honeywell. It has even earned its' second consecutive Gold Award and been named 'Best Time Management Software' and 'Best Time Tracking Software' by TopTenREVIEWS Inc., a leading technology review website.

"Businesses are discovering the fiscal savings that can be attained with better time management," said Mr. Doucet. "Our customers have already realized increased profits through the evolution of such ground breaking new features as 'Project Alert Notifications'; advising clients before their projects go over budget."

Since its inception, DOVICO Software has stayed focused on exceeding their clients' needs and expectations. This commitment is what places DOVICO Software at the top of the industry, meeting the growing demand for packaged solutions.


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About DOVICO TimeSheet

DOVICO Timesheet is an award-winning Time Management Software solution that monitors project costs, and Employee Time Sheets and expense sheets. This installed or hosted online (SAAS) software simplifies time tracking for billing, payroll or project management. Keeping your other systems updated with crucial business data. Integration to Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server is included.


As the leading developer of time management software, DOVICO provides proven time tracking and cost saving software solutions that have been embraced by thousands of the world's best-known companies such as Wawanesa Insurance, National Geographic, McAfee Inc. and Microsoft. Established in response to the emerging global demand for enhanced operating efficiency, our easy-to-use web based timesheet management software will improve your productivity, project control and profitability in 60 days... Guaranteed!


TopTenREVIEWS Inc. is the leading review Web site, featuring expert reviews for technology and entertainment products and services. The site has reviewed more than 150 categories of products and services with more than 600,000 Web pages of original content.  For additional information, visit

For more information on DOVICO or DOVICO TimeSheet Software please call 1-800-618-8463 (North America), 00 800 4618 8463 (International) or visit

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