Firm's new software a 'major endeavour'

September 25, 2010
Rebecca Penty
Telegraph-Journal, Published Saturday September 25th, 2010

Tech: Moncton's Dovico Software releases project management and time tracking solution tool

Moncton, New Brunswick - A product three years in the making, the just-released Dovico Planning and Timesheet by Moncton-based Dovico Software, is being labelled a milestone success by company CEO Yves Doucet.

The project management and time tracking solution is the Hub City firm's more economical answer to Microsoft Project, targeted at companies that employ between 25-100 people.

For a firm that formed to market a time tracking tool originally developed by Doucet - an electrical engineer - for his own projects, the sleek, new program is a big accomplishment, the executive says.

"This is a major endeavour for us," Doucet said Tuesday in an interview at his Moncton office.

Bob Gorham, product manager at Dovico, said the Dovico Planning and Timesheet answers three principle questions for a company: can a project be accomplished based on resource availability; how should the project be planned; and how should resources be allocated throughout the project.

It's different from time tracking alone, because the planning component is introduced.

"Time tracking is great to manage existing projects, but it's not good at forecasting out," Gorham said.

For example, when a project is created in Dovico Planning and Timesheet, the manager can allocate a certain number of hours over a select time period and on the right side of the computer screen, a list of employees on various other projects will appear.

The manager can scroll over an employee and see how busy he or she is on which projects over specific periods of time, which helps the supervisor decide who to put on a project, or whether one can be taken on at all.

When it's time to bill the client or pay the employee, for example, information from the project planning side gets moved over to the timesheet component of the software, which is similar to Dovico's existing product.

Dovico, which employs 20, has 3,500 customers - representing about 40,000 users - in 78 countries.

The bulk of the firm's sales are in the United States - about 60 per cent - with Canada accounting for about 15 per cent and international markets together representing 25 per cent.

The firm, incorporated in 1993, was formed when Doucet identified a market need for a product he had created for himself.

The result was a wireless handheld tracking tool that could spell out where time was being spent on a project for specific tasks.

After realizing that the product was costly to manufacture and was facing steep competition from other wireless personal digital assistants, in 1998 the company produced a computer software version called Dovico Timesheet.

The tool, which has since been revamped more than once, can be used for billing, project costing purposes and payroll in industries such as information technology, engineering and business consulting.

In recent years, though, Dovico customers had been requesting software with the existing timesheet functionality and some project management applications as well.

Dovico set about creating a new in-house product in 2007.

James Scott, the software architect behind the Dovico Planning and Timesheet, said he coded the product using Microsoft Silverlight - a competitor of Adobe Flash - at a time when the technology was still in a beta (preview or prototype) phase release.

Scott was constantly in contact with developers in Silicon Valley, asking questions and giving feedback.

"I was certainly contributing to the Silverlight development community," Scott said.

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