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LDV Consultants

LDV Consultants - Testimonial by LDV Consultants on the implementation and use of Dovico Planning & Timesheet
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Technology Engineers Inc

Technology Engineers Inc - Testimonial from Engineering Technology Inc
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Xtra Corporation

Xtra Corporation - " I am extremely pleased with the responsiveness from the entire team at Dovico. Your product is terrific; your customer service surpasses even that! In today's competitive environment, few companies focus on the quality of their customer service. Dovico has realized the value of service after the sale." - Diane B.

Merrill Corporation

Merrill Corporation - " I would like to say thanks to Dovico for offering such a wonderful product that has not only provided an easy way for end users to log time, but has also lead to savings estimated around 20k per year. This system has allowed for much versatility in internal hosting, reporting, and overall administration and I would certainly recommend this product to any size company in need of accurate and easy time tracking at a low and manageable cost." - Jeremy F., Technical Operations Project Manager

Doral Dental USA

Doral Dental USA, A Dentaquest Company - "We use Dovico TimeSheet Software in our production environment with approximately 200 users, and have been receiving very positive comments on the "user friendliness" of the timesheet portion of the application. A definite improvement from our prior time tracking tool! We are using the tool to manage all of our project costs as well as our capitalization spend." - Jessica C., Project Manager

TC3 Health, Inc.

TC3 Health, Inc. - Because of Dovico functionality we have reduced our time reporting tasks from four days down to four hours.  From a user perspective as well as an administrative perspective, the product is extremely straight forward and user friendly.  We use several reports monthly, quarterly and annually to capture time spent on project and operational cost, it makes it easy to identify and defend where resources are needed in quick and easy reports. When we have issues with the product, which is rare, Dovico Support is responsive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks for a great product." - Molly Schreiner, Operations Manager

Adventist Healthcare

Adventist Healthcare - PROBLEM: In 2007 we began tracking the time that our staff spends on each task during their workday. We designed a system of individual Excel worksheets that were tied together to get the data we needed at the individual, team, and department levels. Building it took a lot of time, but even during its second year of operation, the maintenance of the system alone took hundreds of hours. Clearly we needed to look at other options.

SOLUTION: After extensive research Dovico stood out above the crowd as the option with the most user-friendly interface for both the user and the administrator. After an initial product demo, the final choice for us was clear. For the administrator, database maintenance is easy as dragging and dropping, which has reduced administration time by almost half compared to our old system. For the user, the ability to create individualized assignments and user accounts has made a huge difference in the satisfaction of our staff. Plus we love the fact that it is available online! The staff at Dovico has been great in helping us get up and running, and has responded to every request in a professional manner. They are always looking for ways to improve the system, and are more than willing to listen to customer suggestions. It is nice to know that you don't have to figure everything out yourself. - Vaughn

Mercy Health System

Mercy Health System. - Mercy Health System selected Dovico as the timesheet software solution for our Information Technology Division of nearly 1000 employees (as a start). Dovico's user interface met the requirements of "easy to use" and "intuitive" to enable the 'culture changing event' of time reporting in our organization.  With the data we intend to harvest from Dovico Timesheet, we endeavor to manage our capacity and demand like never before. The personal service from Kevin Aucoin was the primary differentiator in our selection of Dovico as our timesheet software solution.  Kevin Aucoin and Wendy LeBlanc were outstanding in their commitment to our implementation of Dovico TImehseet at Mercy Health System. Our setup and implementation was a "big bang" and happened in just a matter of days (2 days to be exact). Thanks so much, - Scott Arnold, Director; Project & Portfolio Management

Technology Engineers Inc

Technology Engineers Inc - "We have been using Dovico for close to two years and are completely satisfied with its functionality, performance and ease-of-use.

Technology Engineers is a management and information technology consulting and software development firm with a client list of small to very large organizations.   We use Dovico for several reasons:  it is excellent in handling time management for projects, it is easy for our employees to use and our managers to administer, it has outstanding standard and customizable reports, and it is economical.  In short, it is a good value, and we recommend it strongly." - John Stinson, President

Roy Consultants Group

Roy Consultants Group - "PROBLEM: It took too much time to enter the information hence delaying client billing. The time cost to the firm for the manual entry of time and expense information was as follows:
1. Fifteen minutes per employee to manually fill out time and expense sheets.
2. One full time employee to manually enter the information into an Excel spreadsheet.
3. Half a day to enter the information from Excel to the accounting package.

SOLUTION: In 2002 Dovico was selected and the software has been used ever since to automate the time and expense processes.

"We have saved the equivalent of 8-10 business days on our billing cycle completion, by rendering obsolete the time entry function, which was performed manually. But more importantly, Dovico software has given us a costing tool for project managers, which provides real time information, in a very prompt and actual context. It allows managers to efficiently manage their fee allotment on specific projects, reviewing cost estimates, proposals, budgets, etc. This is where I find the real money is." - Paul Arseneau, Controller

Phase IV Engineering, Inc.

Phase IV Engineering, Inc. - Dovico Timesheet software has been a very profitable tool in our company. Prior to using Dovico, we used an excel spreadsheet program that we downloaded into our payroll system which caused us many headaches because of it producing errors. Now that we have Dovico, we have no errors. Since the upgrade to the new version 10.0, we also have many other capabilities that we now use as well. These additions were exactly what we were trying to do with Dovico before the upgrade. The new format was very easy to adjust to and the managers like the new layout when they approve time and expenses. This new version is a "must have" for someone who wants to cut their time doing expenses and approvals. I myself especially like the new feature for payroll involving Quickbooks. Now Dovico is more adaptable to the payroll side of Quickbooks which makes my job so much easier. " - Trish Nugent, Accounting assistant

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