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It’s the people who make a real difference at Dovico. You’ll get to know us by name and we welcome your call at any time. Our goal is to become an extension of your team and to help you as quickly as possible so you can get back to what matters most.

Yves Doucet
Meet Yves! He's our Culture Coach, Master Team Builder and a co-founder at Dovico. When Yves is not busy enriching the team's lives with positivity, he can be found in Dovico's yoga studio practicing and teaching yoga. Yes! He's a Baptiste Institute trained Yogi too! Yves cites his son's creative patience and daughter's focused determination as his biggest inspirations. His most significant accomplishment is his recent realization that he's responsible for the life he leads. Yves' life-altering consciousness is the product of relentless study and putting in the difficult work. This work has produced a 2017 TEDx Talk as well as the recent release of his first book: "I Am a Seed." Random fact about Yves?
- Book: I Am a Seed
- TedX Talk: Darwin and the Millennials
- Speaker Kit (PDF)

Interests: Observer of human behavior / Focused on things that give him energy / Dancing / Cooking / Yoga / Snowboarding / Cycling / Innovation / Building things / Culture coaching
Yves Doucet CartoonYves Doucet
Diane Doucet
Meet Diane! She is "Employee #1" and one of the founders of Dovico. Diane works tirelessly to ensure our company stays healthy, not only financially but environmentally so that every employee loves to come to the office. When she is not buried in a beautifully crafted Excel spreadsheet at work, she is busy supporting her family, sewing, jogging and learning. Diane's greatest inspiration is her parents who inspired her to have outstanding morals, persistent strength and an unshakable faith in God. Diane's most significant accomplishments are the persistent small things that she does every day to make the world around her a little bit better. Random fact about Diane? As a testament to her strength and determination, she's a victorious cancer survivor!
#TimeCoach on Twitter
Diane Doucet cartoonDiane Doucet
Shelley Butler
Meet Shelley! Although newly appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Shelley has been employed with Dovico for over two decades, affording her an unparalleled and very much “lived” understanding of the people, the clients, the company, and its vision.

A hallmark of Shelley's leadership has been her unwaveringly holistic approach to leadership, piercing the corporate veil to work with employees as people rather than resources. With a focus on empathy, compassion, and empowerment,

Shelley's unique approach and philosophy of leading with love have rightfully gained her significant attention. In high demand as a guest speaker, Butler is regularly invited to make appearances to speak about both her personal and professional life.

Recently becoming a certified yoga instructor with Baptiste Institute, Butler often openly shares her transformation from being a victim to becoming victorious to help inspire other men and women to shed negative stories from their past and take control of their present.

Shelley's most significant accomplishment is raising her daughter, Nikola. Who's just began her career as a school teacher.
- Speaker Kit (PDF)
Shelley Butler CartoonShelley Butler
Mike Blizzard
Meet Mike! He is our R&D manager and in his own words "sounds boring, but it’s vague enough to allow me to get my hands into all sorts of fun things!" and this is so true of Mike. He doesn't allow the manager title to keep him from getting his hands into some code and learning new technologies to help his team out. When Mike isn't busy at work, he is outside hunting, fishing, camping and in bad weather, he is inside gaming! Mike looks up to his hard-working and well-respected father as his greatest inspiration, and this is evident by how Mike conducts himself. Random fact about Mike? He took lessons to become a helicopter pilot! (it didn't pan out)
Mike Blizzard CartoonMike Blizzard
Kevin Aucoin
Meet Kevin! He is our director of sales, but more than that, he is an all-around great guy to have a chat. Kevin doesn't take too kindly to the winter months as it takes away from his summertime hobby of hitting the greens for a round of golf. He cites his wife as his biggest inspiration, and when asked about his family dynamic, Kevin replied "controlled chaos." Well said, Kevin! With three kids, Kevin cites raising them as his greatest accomplishment. He is a busy man!
Kevin Aucoin Cartoon
Carl Chase
Meet Carl (aka Super Carl)! He is a product and implementation specialist. Before moving into his current role, many of our loyal clients may recognize him as an amazingly dedicated support technician. When Carl is not helping our new clients get on board, he can be found at home playing the guitar -he and his son collect guitars! Carl cites his family as his biggest inspiration and loves to spend time with all of them. Raising a family and owning a beautiful home are Carl's most significant accomplishments. Random fact about Carl? He prays every day and meditates over a Daily Bread; Carl is very much in touch with his spiritual self.
Blog: Who's Carl?
Podcast: Employee Spotlight with Carl
Carl's podcast show: Come Off The Ledge
Carl Chase CartoonCarl Chase
Dominique Bourgoin
Meet Dominique! She's our user experience and interface designer. And in her own words "instigator" -she's always up to something. When Dominique is not behind her digital canvas (monitor), she's at home gaming, farming and thoroughly enjoying the outdoors. Her biggest inspiration is from everyone and everything around her, she believes that "the world is my classroom," and this is so true of Dominique. Her most significant accomplishment is acknowledging her anxiety and depression, seeking help, and courageously working through them every day. Random fact about Dominique? She freakishly remembers a lot of song lyrics, yet, she doesn't sing -at least not on a stage, in her car, however...
Dominique Bourgoin CartoonDominique Bourgoin
Felicia Flewelling
Meet Felicia! She is our Chief Friendship Officer and self-proclaimed "Chief Pixie Dust"! When she is not busy answering our phone and front door or maintaining our accounting affairs or generally keeping our office on the rails by being awesome, Felicia can be found at home playing video games and still being equally as awesome! She credits her mom as her biggest inspiration along with co-workers she guards as close friends. When asked about her family dynamic, in her words she wrote: "You know how you try and wrap your headphone cords nice and neat and then the next time you take them out, it’s a hot mess, it looks like that." That's classic Felicia! Random fact about Felicia? She was almost not hired to work at Dovico! Imagine that?!? Felicia is currently on maternity leave with her beautiful daughter.
Felicia CartoonFelicia Flewelling
Gerard Gallant
Meet Gerard! He is our Senior DevOps Engineer. When it comes to our Timesheet code, there is nobody that understands it more than him. Outside the office, Gerard is an avid short distance runner who has competed in many races and is generally near the top of his race class. This guy has fast feet! Gerard's inspiration comes from his unshakable faith in God and his devotion to following a Christian life. Gerard's most significant accomplishments are in his family and raising two beautiful and intelligent daughters, following a career that serves him and writing the book "WebAssembly in Action."
Gerard's book: "Web Assembly In Action"
Gerard CartoonGerard Gallant
Phil Godin
Meet Phil (aka MacGyver)! He is a software developer and Dovico's Swiss Army knife. When asked what his title was in his own words he replied: "Whatever you need me to be." And that is truly Phil. His curiosity and reliability in finding a solution to just about any technical problem make him a very valuable teammate. His inspiration is in fact MacGyver! If you need it fixed correctly, you call Phil! Outside of work, Phil is an avid mountain biker and enjoys good food with good people. He hails from Dieppe, New Brunswick and has two cats: Maggy and Bella.
Phil CartoonPhil Godin
Martin Johnson
Meet Martin! He is our passionate researcher who also oversees the development of our third-party applications. When he is not digging deep in researching artifacts or analyzing marketing trends, Martin is outside cycling, kayaking and when he gets the chance, surfing! Those who he surrounds himself with are his greatest inspirations, not only those who he works with but also his family at home. Martin's most significant accomplishment came from overcoming a very adverse injury when he was younger. Being a very active young man, he had to learn to walk again. Random fact about Martin? He has skydived and has climbed mountains -oh and he also swam with sharks!
Martin CartoonMartin Johnson
Desmond Asamoah
Meet Desmond! He is our quality and assurance analyst who makes sure our clients get the best experience possible from our software. If he is not thoroughly checking our software twice and maybe three times before it goes out the door, he is at home relaxing with his PlayStation. In his words: "I am married to my PS4." Desmond cites his parents as his biggest inspiration. He admires the sacrifices and hard work they demonstrated as he grew up and strives to work just as hard as them. Obtaining two different university degrees are Desmond's self-proclaimed most significant accomplishments.
Desmond CartoonDesmond Asamoah
Estelle Johnston
Meet Estelle! She is our social media and community curator. Estelle is Dovico's voice on just about every social media platform. She profoundly cares about our team, always ensuring we have healthy snacks in our kitchen and organizing group activities within our community. When not in the office enriching our lives, Estelle is busy enriching others' lives with her music by playing and signing in an "all-girl band." She cites energetic people as her greatest inspiration with architecture, travel and "pretty things" as her artistic inspiration. Estelle's greatest accomplishment is singing and then posting 52 songs online in one year! Random fact about Estelle? She has had a couple of her music videos go viral on Facebook!
Blog: Who's Estelle?
Podcast: Employee Spotlight with Estelle
Estelle's 52 Songs Challenge on YouTube
Estelle CartoonEstelle Johnston
Samuel Lavoie
Meet Sam! He's one of our fantastic software developers. When Sam isn't buried in code at his nature-inspired office, he is practicing music and immersed in a good video game. He looks up to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield as one of his biggest inspirations. Sam's greatest accomplishment is contributing as a volunteer to the Amazon conservation by literally going into the jungle for a month and assisting biologists. You should hear some of his stories from that experience!
Sam CartoonSam Lavoie
William Chung
Meet William! In his own words, Willam is a "passionate software re-organizer!" When he is not at work and buried in code, he is busy following sports -baseball, football and golf are his favourites. William is inspired by his father and his faith in Jesus. While he has won a few awards in his life, one of his most significant accomplishments was receiving the 2010 Prime Minister of Korea Award for his role in enhancing electronic solutions in trade shows. With Dovico, William considers his work on creating a new menu system as his greatest achievement. Random fact about William? He holds a Ph.D. in Economics!
William CartoonWilliam Chung
Wendy Leblanc
Meet Wendy! She's our Product and Implementation Specialist who assists many of our international clients. When Wendy is not in her office helping clients, she is joyfully travelling the world (sometimes helping clients remotely from another country!) She is our resident globetrotter whose favourite trips were to Tanzania Africa and Galapagos Islands! Wendy is inspired by other travel enthusiasts who share their journeys online. Their shared voyages often give Wendy and her husband Andre ideas for their next trip! Her greatest achievement is genuinely finding the balance between working every day and being able to see just about every corner of our planet. Random fact about Wendy? She lived in Banff, Canada for six years and met her husband there. In Wendy's words: "I’m an English Quebecer married to a Francophone NB’er, who would have thought?"
Wendy CartoonWendy Leblanc
Trent Gallant
Meet Trent! He is our custom report writer and data extraction expert. If he's not working hard on our client's custom reports, he is likely working his way through the latest and most popular video game. Trent is an avid collector of vintage video games and cites the creator of Pac Man (Toru Iwatani) and the creator of Atari (Tod Frye) as his biggest inspiration. Without Pac Man on Atari when he was a child, Trent believes he would have never chosen a career in technology. Random facts about Trent? He sang in the boys' grade 7 choir and later in life graduated from boot camp with the Canadian Armed Forces!
Trent CartoonTrent Gallant
Carolyn Tancock
Meet Carolyn! She is our "Director of International Operations," but anyone in the office will say that she is the beacon of positivity and optimism for Dovico. When she is not doing director stuff and lending her caring heart to our team, she is at home putting her heart into her woodworking. Carolyn looks up to her mother as her greatest inspiration. When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, Carolyn had this to say: "Being thankful for what others, family, friends, workmates and volunteer pals bring to my life." That is who she is! Random fact about Carolyn? She carves wooden animals!
Carolyn CartoonCarolyn Tancock
Owen Vibert
Meet Owen! He is a product manager and is responsible for keeping things moving forward from a product perspective. When Owen is not busy helping keep our projects on point, he is a passionate basketball fan and coach. Owen shares his passion for basketball with his son and feels fortunate that he has had the chance to coach his son's team over the years. Owen cites being a dad as his most significant accomplishment as he looks to his son's growing up as his biggest inspiration. Random fact about Owen? His family owns two Havanese dogs, Bijou and Lexus. About his dogs, Owen pointed out: "Very fancy names, but if you know anything about me, you know I am not an overly fancy person."
Owen CartoonOwen Vibert
Benoit Lanteigne
Meet Benoit! He is one of our computer programmers and an aspiring author. When he is not debugging a function's reads and writes, Benoit is busy reading and writing fictional books. Benoit's greatest inspiration comes from his parents, but as a programmer, he looks up to the late Satoru Iwata. Benoit's greatest accomplishment comes from developing a website called "Ta parole est en jeu. " A site promoting French minority communities in Canada. With himself and another colleague, they created this website in under a year, but the work involved was the equivalent of having 12 developers! Random fact about Benoit? He was the top grading male student of his high school graduating class!
Blog: Who's Benoit?
Podcast: Employee Spotlight with Benoit
Benoit's Blog on Medium.com
Benoit CartoonBenoit Lanteigne
Sam Chevarie
Meet Sam! Sam is our Support and Junior IT Administrator. He's very passionate about computers and listed building computer servers as a "hobby"! One of Sam's biggest inspirations was the father of one of his friends who was a web developer but who is also legally blind. Watching him work with large fonts and starring inches from his screen inspired Sam to build websites that are accessible and easy to use for all abilities. He also credits his high school computer committee supervisor for teaching him about the power of computer hardware and the possibilities they give. Sam's most significant accomplishment was winning an award with a couple of classmates for creating a custom arcade machine. Sam is from Moncton and has four pets! One dog and three cats.
Sam CartoonSam Chevarie
Ryan Williams
Meet Ryan! He is our newest application developer who was hired immediately after graduating from college. We thought so much of Ryan during his OJT that we decided to keep him! When he is not hammering the keyboard developing apps at work, he is at home playing video games. His greatest inspiration comes from his musically inclined friends that he met in middle school. Watching them play and learn musical instruments gave him the motivation to learn and practice coding. Random fact about Ryan? In his words: "My name is actually Bryan (Just kidding)"
Ryan CartoonRyan Williams
Maranda Buote
Meet Maranda! She's officially our new Administrative Assistant, but in her words, she's "Felicia's Sidekick." Frankly, we can see them being Dovico's Dynamic Duo! Maranda's favourite thing to outside of work is swimming and generally spending any time she can outdoors. Her greatest inspiration is her grandmother and parents, and amazingly deep-thinking author, Ekhart Tolle. Maranda says her most significant accomplishment was being chosen to lead and be front of the stage in a dance recital as an adult. Standing on stage in front of an audience of strangers pushed her far outside of her comfort zone. Maranda is from Moncton, NB and has two cats, Luna and Topaz, that she considers her children.
Maranda CartoonMaranda Buote
Angela Campbell
Meet Angela! She's our amazingly talented multimedia graphic designer. Angela loves listening to some tunes and becoming immersed in visual artwork, be it painting or drawing. She looks to her mom and dad as the biggest influences in her life. Angela admires their strength and tenacity to raise her and her older sister through some challenging times. Her biggest accomplishment is receiving her Diploma in Graphic Design, thus propelling her to follow a career in creativity.
Angela CartoonAngela Campbell
Mike Donovan
Meet Mike! He's one of our newest developers and works with our ShowUp team. When Mike's not slinging code, he's swinging a golf club. Golfing is one of his favourite hobbies. He looks to his parents are his greatest inspiration as they continuously encourage him to live up to his dreams and, most importantly, be a good person. Mike represented New Brunswick at the 2019 Canadian Junior Curling Championship and is one of only 1,000 level IV Hockey Canada officials.
Mike CartoonMike Donovan
Ross Campbell
Meet Ross! He's one of our Junior Developers. One of Ross' favourite things to do outside of work is playing with his brothers Tatsuo, Heath and Landon. Ross looks to Adam Savage, the creative host of Mythbusters, as his biggest inspiration. Ross loves to bake goodies to share and satisfy the sweet tooth of those around him. At home, he has an excitable pitbull named Willow.
Ross CartoonRoss Campbell
Leandra Antonutti
Meet Leandra! Leandra loves organizing successful events and creating a beautiful environment for people to connect. She has a proven track record of success in this area with 10+ years of teaching yoga. Leandra is excited to use her skills to help Dovico make meaningful connections with our products and events.
JD CartoonLeandra Antonutti
Pedro da Fonte
Meet Pedro! He is part of the Customer Support team, and most likely the guy you will have a chat with when you need support. He does this exceptionally well with a friendly and personable approach. When he's not busy helping our clients, he's usually travelling around the world with his family or cooking something delicious!
JD CartoonPedro da Fonte

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