One of the biggest requests for reporting is a simple report to show who has not submitted time.

Sometimes it can be a frustrating task to pick out who in your organization has not submitted their time. When the deadline is here the need to find out who you may need to send a reminder to submit their time becomes critical.

Now you don’t have to run a report of who has submitted time and then manually compare it to your employee list, all you have to do is create a report from this custom report type. Once the report has been created, you can run a report listing all employees who have not submitted time between two dates.

As long as your employees are assigned to a task, and they have no time submitted, they will show up on a report that is built from this report type.

It is a very handy tool to have in your toolbox of awesome!

Some key features of this report type:

  • Shows all employees who are assigned to tasks who have not submitted time.
  • You can filter by employee or project


Click here to download the “Employee List With No Time Entered” report type

*Please note: The report originally posted above was incorrect, this report was updated June 1, 2018

Click here to learn more about Dovico Timesheet report types


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