Meaningful business is not about impersonal transactions between two faceless entities. It’s about a group of conscious people serving another group of conscious people.

Understanding and relating who each member of the team is crucial to building longer-lasting and trusting connections between each group.

Employee Spotlight is a series of short biographies of Dovico employees that are meant to bridge that relatability gap. Dovico would be nothing more than just another timesheet company without the fantastic people who make up their team.

Dovico is the product of who we are and not just what we do.

Who’s Gerard Gallant?

If I were asked to describe Gerard in one word, it would be “conviction.” I wanted to ensure that I was thinking of the right word so I searched for the definition of conviction, and it felt right. But by Google’s standards, the word “conviction” is outdated, so I searched for synonyms. The words that I found matched Gerard to a tee: confident, faith and principle.

Gerard, our software architect and senior developer, is a longtime employee who has been with Dovico since 2001. His work in helping architect our API had fundamentally changed the way we do business. Once upon a time, we used to be a boxed software company, but with Gerard’s expertise, we became a service-based company. His thirst for new technologies and integrating them lays the foundation for every quality release that we give to our clients.

Confidence, faith and principle guide Gerard

Gerard’s confidence in his abilities as a software architect exudes every time he talks about technology. Simply put, Gerard knows his stuff. The beauty of his work and knowledge in coding lies in the fact that he also is a great teacher. Whenever there’s a new methodology in the coding world, Gerard adapts quickly. He then demonstrates to the others on the dev team how it’s done.

On top of his exceptional work, Gerard is a man of great faith. As a devout Christian, Gerard quietly lives his life following his belief in God. His morals are strong and are tied to the teachings of his church. Gerard is not a man of many words, but when he speaks, you can feel his faith. It doesn’t matter which side of the coin you are on, you tend to listen to his words.

Whether it be through his work at Dovico or his devout work at his church, Gerard lives his life following the many principles that he sticks to. These principles guide him to follow a path that is both honourable and admirable.

Gerard is a family man

Gerard spends his spare time away from work, and church raising his two intelligent and beautiful daughters. Alongside his supportive wife, his life revolves around their upbringing and happiness. From going on fun day trips to being there for all of their appointments, Gerard’s top priority is helping his daughters grow up in a supportive and loved home.

Running and writing are Gerard’s hobbies

When he finds the time, Gerard is also an avid short distance runner. After having to take a running season off because of an injury, he returned this summer to run various 5k races spread around the region. I’m happy to report that he is nearing his pre-injury form and I was fortunate to run alongside him during one of his races.

Just when you couldn’t possibly think he has any more spare time. Gerard also is in the finishing stages of writing his first book! “WebAssembly in Action” is a technical coding book geared to teach readers the inner workings of WebAssembly. If you are new to WebAssembly or are curious about it, I highly recommend checking his book out. Gerard is very well-spoken, and this translates with great clarity in his written word.

In a world seemingly lacking people with great conviction, Gerard is one of the few who still holds on to what he believes in -regardless of the distractions in life. It’s evident in how he lives his life. From his knowledgeable career to his solid faith in God, onto how he raises his daughters, Gerard is a quiet yet powerful leader and someone that I have a lot of respect for. Conviction: there’s no better word to describe one of Dovico’s most foundational employees.

Employee Spotlight Podcast

Listen to an interview with Gerard, conducted by Dominique Bourgoin.

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