Sometimes you have to celebrate time, and we built a fridge that does just that. The response to our time tracking fridge was overwhelming so we decided to show you how to build one yourself!

How it works

The fridge is locked electronically, tied to the Dovico Timesheet system. As you can guess, the fridge only unlocks when 100% of your company’s time sheets are completed. Hopefully, enticing employees to get their time sheets in early, or co-workers will go find you if they are really thirsty! We had a lot of fun with this one. You may want to get this ready for summer.

Build your own Time Tracking Fridge, send us a picture and we will fill up your fridge!

Time Tracking Fridge built by: Phil Godin

Instructions written by: Terry Belliveau



About the Author

For 30 years, Dovico has been providing time tracking and timesheet software for clients worldwide. Manage your projects and teams, capture time and generate reports.

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