Timesheet Anxiety: The Real Reason Employees Aren’t Submitting Time

It’s no secret that employees hate filling in their timesheet. The reasons why employees aren’t doing it may have never crossed your mind. While chasing down employees to submit their timesheet may be a stressful part of your job, have you ever considered the stress placed on an employee to fill them in? Enter, timesheet anxiety. We’ve asked some of our clients for feedback on why their employees have struggled to fill in their time….

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10 Ideas to Build Healthy Minds at Work

There’s no such thing as having a work life and home life balance anymore. We have one life, and it must balance on its own. Just like having a healthy mind at home, we also must build healthy minds at work to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Our mental health doesn’t stay at home. Mental health is the ultimate lifelong balancing act. It doesn’t discriminate whether you are at home or on the job….

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