Cyber Essentials Basic Certification

Planting the seed for a secure future - Dovico understands the importance of security.

We are now Cyber Essentials Basic certified

CyberSecure Canada is the country's cybersecurity certification program for SMB. Its purpose is to let you know that we are a trusted business partner and that we now have the requirements in place for protection against cyber attacks.

13 security controls now in place

As a certified business, it means that we have put in place the requirements of the 13 security control areas developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, Canada’s cybersecurity experts. The controls include:

  1. An incident response plan
  2. Automatic patch operating systems and applications
  3. Enabled security software
  4. Secured configured devices
  5. Strong user authentication
  6. Employee awareness training
  7. Backup and encrypted data
  8. Secured mobility
  9. Established basic perimeter defences
  10. Secured cloud and outsourced IT services
  11. Secured website
  12. Implemented access control and authorization
  13. Secured portable media

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