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why we care

Dovico Cares is a mindset driven by the premise of "people helping people". We believe that every company has a social responsibility to lead their communities by giving not only their time but any available resources that can be spared. It is very important to us that the community we serve is able to grow and prosper right alongside us.

Through our custom reporting division, we are donating 100% of all fees collected from the creation or modification of all custom report work, back into our local community. Not only are we helping our clients get the information they need to do what they do best, we are also helping our community grow. Through the Dovico Cares payment form, we give each paying client a choice as to what cause they most align with. We all have something we believe in, and we hope that through Dovico Cares, we can share that belief with our clients and our communities. This truly is a win-win-win opportunity.


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meet some of the Dovico team

Our team at Dovico are dedicated to supporting their local community. For our 25 Year Anniversary and the relaunch of the Dovico Cares website we've switched things up and are highlighting three of our staff and the local causes they're passionate about. When you pay for your report please be sure to choose which cause is closest to your heart.

Shelley Butler

I spend my time outside of Dovico helping The Humanity Project

By supporting Shelley, your report payment will go toward helping her cause

The Humanity Project
Shelley's kind heart and contagious passion for The Humanity Project -a local social community who serves the homeless and those who struggle to get by- has been a huge influence these last few years. She has has taught us to give and love unconditionally.

Phil Godin

I spend my time outside of Dovico helping Jeremy's Foundation

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By supporting Phil, your report payment will go toward helping his cause

Jeremy's Foundation
Our mission is to help premature babies and their families the province of New-Brunswick.

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Carl Chase

I spend my time outside of Dovico helping Shriners Hospital For Children

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By supporting Carl, your report payment will go toward helping his cause

Shriners Hospital For Children
Carl is a big advocate for the safety and well-being of our kids. The Shriners Hospital has helped close members of his family get over some tough challenges, and he is very appreciative that they had this cause to be there for them.

With your donation to Carl's cause, more sick children will get the immediate help that they need at a facility that is geared to them.

Jeff Nagle

I spend my time outside of Dovico helping SPCA

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By supporting Jeff, your report payment will go toward helping his cause

Jeff and his family are animal lovers at heart. While giving every abandoned animal a home is not possible, visiting and playing with animals at the shelter is a more realistic option. Having adopted many animals in the past, he knows the value and love that animals at the shelter can give to the right family.

At Greater Moncton SPCA, We promote animal care and prevent animal cruelty through sheltering, placement and education. Each year, we provide a safe haven for over 3,500 animals which have been lost, abandoned, neglected and/or abused with nowhere else to turn; helping to rescue, reunite and rehome them.

Martin Johnson

I spend my time outside of Dovico helping Habitat For Humanity

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By supporting Martin, your report payment will go toward helping his cause

Habitat for Humanity
Martin and his family put their spare time whenever they can as a volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity. One of the highlights for Martin of helping with Habitat is that the future homeowner also has to participate and give back to the organization and the community -it truly is people helping people.

Through your donation, the impact on Martin's community is twofold. You are helping build affordable and safe housing, but you are also helping to promote personal and skill development that comes from volunteering with the organization.

Dovico Cares FAQs

Although we are not a registered charity, much of the work we do involves recognized charitable activities. We create custom reports for our customers in return for a donation towards charities our employees are involved with.
Dovico Cares cannot issue official tax receipts because we are not a registered charity. We are third party doing fundraising for multiple charities, in return for a custom report. We then disburse the funds to charities that our staff supports.
Absolutely! You can use the "donate" button near the top and donate any amount, big or small. It all counts.
We collect the funds in an account, at the end of the year we will be doing a public presentation and writing cheques to the charities that were chosen.

our clients' community stories

At Dovico we're all about aligning with like minded companies. Below the stories of how the customers we serve - serve their own communities.


Charles Valentino

Recently supported The Humanity Project


Michel van Doorn

Recently supported The Humanity Project


Lynn Cheney

Recently supported The Humanity Project