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Employee and Team Management

Keep things in check with employee access levels, time and expense approvals and time off requests.

Good project management is also GREAT people management. Are you over-stressed and too focused on the costs and timelines of your projects and not on the people doing the work? Is the lack of engagement with your team resulting in project delays, quality issues, or continued cost overruns? Don't lose sight of the people on your team, their success equals your success.

See Who's Away - and Plan your projects wisely

Don’t press pause on your profits this summer. Schedule Time Off so your bottom-line doesn’t take a vacation.

Vacation, Time OffUsing a whiteboard calendar to display who is off this summer? Use the Dovico Time-Off app to view a monthly calendar that shows who is on vacation or out sick. Quickly assess staffing levels and adjust your project plans accordingly using this simple yet powerful Dovico add-on.

Vacation, Time Off App

Approve Time & Expenses - to stay in control

Establish workflows to ensure that time and expense costs are applied to your projects accurately.

Review/Edit/Reject Time & ExpensesEasily check up on submitted time by using the Time Calendar screen. If you are an approving manager, you can quickly view, edit and reject submitted time entries that are awaiting your attention.

Timesheet & Expense ApprovalsEliminate costly and embarrassing errors in time and expense submissions by adding an approval workflow to submissions. That way a second set of eyes can ensure accuracy. Establish approval workflows so that the right people are approving time and expense entries for the right tasks and projects.

Time LockoutNeed a way to lock down the system? With the Time Lockout feature in Dovico, you can set dates where no time and expense entries can be submitted. This feature can ensure that time, and expense entries are locked in so that no floating totals are getting in the way. You can set this up as a one-time event, or you can configure it to be a reoccurring rule.

Review/Edit/Reject Time & Expenses
The best way to find out if Dovico Timesheet is a good fit for you is to schedule a 20 minute Demo.

SECURITY AND PERMISSIONS - to keep things safe

Additional security to ensure that personnel cannot access everything.

Employee Access LevelsEverybody doesn’t need to see everything! Keep access to areas within Dovico in check by setting up employee access levels. Show and hide projects, tasks, employees and just about every other item within the system to and from specified employees. Allow managers or team leaders certain administrative privileges but not all. With security groups and limited access features, you can tailor your access needs for everyone using Dovico Timesheet.

Custom security permissionsNeed a little more security? With Dovico’s advanced permission-based security system, you can limit access to all sensitive data complete with a full audit trail.

Employee Access Levels

Take Your Time Back with Dovico!

Dovico Timesheet makes for simple and effective project time tracking.