It can be challenging enough trying to run a non-profit organization without the added stress of non-profit and volunteer time tracking.

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Between trying to run events, recruiting and scheduling volunteers, and the seemingly endless stream of paperwork that accompanies any non-profit organization, who has the time to worry about timesheets?!

Thankfully, there’s Dovico!

For the past 25 years Dovico has been solving companies’ tracking and timesheet problems with versatile, easy-to-use software and world-class customer service.

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“When our organization got ready to start writing grant requests, we needed a tool to help track employee time for various projects. This was the way to go. We were able to track how much time was spent on each project, and it made the grant writing process much easier.”

Leslie O

Assistant Executive Director

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One of the greatest hurdles any non-profit organization must face is managing expenses and ensuring that their projects and events aren’t over budget.

Dovico specializes in tracking and managing non-profit timesheet software, as well as weighing expenses against projected costs and budgets.

IT services are not cheap. The constantly shifting world of technology often means frequent, unexpected expenses. Dovico’s expense tracking and reporting features save you from having to pour over every invoice. You can also set custom notifications for yourself, in case you do need to monitor a situation.

Never again will you be caught scrambling for resources because of a build-up of unseen or forgotten expenses. Dovico also offers grant tracking, making incoming cash flow as easy to manage as outgoing.

Dovico is here to help you find meaning in your time again by tracking and maximizing the efficiency of your organization’s internal structure. Dovico even offers services to track activities, allowing for greater insight into places where efficiency could be improved and time could be better spent.

Audit is a forbidden word that sends shivers up the spines of anyone trying to run an organization, but don’t worry! You can rest assured that with Dovico’s Audit Trail tracking, if your non-profit organization is selected for an audit, Dovico will make the process as easy and painless as possible for you.

Plus, with customizable fields and terminology available for timesheets, as well as multi-client and multi-project tracking, no matter how busy your organization is, Dovico is ready to help you give meaning back to your time.

Dovico Timesheet makes for simple and effective project time tracking.

“Without a doubt the best thing about this software is the reports. At times we have 50 active billable clients and Dovico gives us the reports we need to make sure they all get billed properly. We did the locally hosted platform for 5 or 6 years before switching over to the Dovico hosted version. Having Dovico host the software has made it possible for employees to log their hours when working in the field which is a huge plus!”


Wyoming Water Rights Consulting, Inc.

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Charitable organizations wouldn’t be able to succeed without the tireless help of their volunteers, but with unpaid or honorarium employees comes an entirely new headache of challenges for organizers.

No-shows will be no more when you let Dovico help give value to your volunteers’ hours by tracking them accurately and consistently.

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Your front line staff members are not the only ones who need support, though.

Research and Development is crucial for finding key issues that affect your funders and clients. It’s a huge time sink developing programs and events that draw interest and build word- of-mouth for your organization. Not to mention, tracking the grants you need to fund your organization.

You lose even more when you consider time spent on IT services and IT solutions. Technology is evolving at an increasingly expensive pace. Time is money. That’s the meaning Dovico can give back to you.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying relevant in any market takes a lot of time. Dovico’s seamless timesheet tracking system means that you can focus on building your budgets for next year, instead of chasing expense reports.

No matter your needs, they’ll manage your time; so you can have more of it!

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