Are you a jack-of-all-trades? A professional multi-tasker and wearer of many hats? It can be a real pain trying to track all varying facets involved in your day to day work. Combined with the challenges of tracking a number of different clients and their needs, while also keeping accurate records of your billable hours, you need the best time tracking software for professional services and consulting.

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You need Dovico!

With 25 years of experience helping businesses and freelancers, Dovico’s versatile, easy-to-use services help our customers track and manage both their time and their expenses. No more wasted time sorting through timesheets. No more missed hours and forgotten expenses. No more headaches! Dovico saves you time, so you can give meaning back to your time.

You’ll be shocked when you see how many hours you’ll suddenly have at your disposal, giving you the time needed to grow your business, build your client base and most importantly, you’ll never have to worry about miscalculations again!

Dovico’s efficient, accurate tracking software is second-to-none, and combined with their first-rate customer service, you’ll wonder how you ever got along with them.

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“Timesheet & expense in one place. Multi-currency and conversion!! Ease of implementation & ease of use. Great support! A really good 80/20 solution.”


Cambria Geosciences Inc.

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Clients can be incredibly high-maintenance, especially for consultants. They want you to be at their beck and call at every opportunity, making it difficult for you to budget and anticipate how much or how often you’ll be devoting time to fulfilling your clients’ needs. Maintaining timesheets for consultants in these situations is a real pain.

Dovico makes reporting on these unexpected or last-minute requests as easy as possible for you, so you can focus on your client without worrying about putting yourself on the backburner.

Plus, with multi-client, multi-project and multiple billing rate options available, you’ll feel confident taking care of that extra client or that new referral, because Dovico will take care of you.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time stumbling over paperwork, when you can be reaching for the stars!

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Do your clients require you to visit multiple facilities or do a lot of traveling to job sites? Your time is valuable, but it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re recording your hours and travel time on random notepads and keeping crumpled receipts in your car to track your expenses.

Thankfully, Dovico’s mobile app means that you can track all those crucial numbers in one place, without having to slow down your busy lifestyle. Plus, with the benefit of Dovico’s unmatched customer service, if you have a question or need assistance with troubleshooting anything, help is only a click away.

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“I could not imagine trying to track my employees time manually ever again. My staff is finding DOVICO easy to use, even when reporting their reimbursable expenses. It handles our seven regions and the divisions within each region as well as the multiple currencies we work worth (CAD, GBP, Euro and USD). For me as the controller the standard and ad hoc reporting built into DOVICO has been a lifesaver. All of this is great but the best is whenever I have a question the people at DOVICO always have a solution for me the first time.”

Robert Hagenberger

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Whether you’re managing a team of individuals or just managing yourself, there’s no company better than Dovico to manage the timesheets for your professional services.

Perhaps you’re a trainer, whose job involves visiting a number of different locations to train and oversee new employees or new franchise openings. Or maybe you’re an administrator in a temp agency, managing countless fluctuating numbers of employees, working at different sites for a wide variety of rates.

There are hundreds of jobs in professional services and for consultants that could benefit from more organization. Everyone can benefit from having more time.

Whatever your situation and needs, when it comes to managing your timesheets and accrued expenses, going with Dovico is the best choice you could make.

If you think you could benefit from more accurate numbers, having more time at your disposal and giving real, tangible meaning back to your time, then Dovico is the right solution for you.

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