Getting your business off the ground is an uphill battle. With tight budgets, aggressive deadlines and no time to waste dealing with timesheets, it can be a very stressful time.

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Mercifully, with Dovico’s reliable small business and startup time tracking software, you’ll be able to save your time for the things your business needs to ensure success; instead of losing time managing expenses and tracking project costs.

Dovico is here to give your time meaning again! By allowing Dovico to track and monitor these crucial but time consuming parts of your business, you’ll give meaning to the time you save. Time, which for many small businesses and startups, can make or break them in the first few years.

Startups and small businesses have smaller staff sizes, but that doesn’t mean less work to do! Without an excess of staff to devote time to things like project tracking or tracking time and expenses against projects costs or budgets, a few forgotten expenditures can be a critical blow. Dovico takes all the guesswork and worry out of your hands, so your time and energy goes where it’s really needed – growing your business!

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“Dovico has several features! We don't use half of them but it is a robust system. Most of all, I enjoy the mobile app to log my hours on the go.”


Association Services Group

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Numerous overlapping deadlines, project juggling and multiple clients to keep happy are just a few of the hurdles remote employees have to overcome on a daily basis. Keeping track of the amount of hours worked for each project can be a real headache when you’re busy and trying to focus on the work, instead of tallying hours for invoicing.

Dovico makes time tracking by client or time tracking by project quick and trouble-free. Plus, with easy set-up for multiple billing rates, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you won’t undercut one client and overcharge another. This incredible amount of foresight for your customers is what makes Dovico easily the best time tracking software for remote employees.

The 25 years of experience you get by choosing Dovico means that you’ll have experienced, knowledgeable customer service at your fingertips. We’re always ready and eager to help you troubleshoot your way through any problem or figure out new and exciting ways we can help your business thrive!

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“At the end of the day time is money, and if you’re spending time trying to gather billable time on your projects then you’re losing money. Dovico has allowed us to cut admin time/costs and allow us to access project time and costs on the go and freed up time to do other things. Super easy to set up.”


Bielinski Excavating Inc.

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Dovico treats all their customers like family, so no matter whether you’re with a big business or a small one, or even a startup, you’ll get the same incredible customer service!

That extra level of care and protection for your business is critical to success during the infancy of a new business, as well as times of expansion and growth. You want a company you know you can rely on, to protect both you and your time, and give you the freedom to focus on the needs of your business; instead of tormenting yourself over calculating timesheets and expense reports.

Small business and startup time tracking software companies are a dime a dozen these days. However, none of them can offer the same kind of personal, hands-on customer service or versatile, wide-range of features that Dovico does.

All these things and more make Dovico the best timesheet management for small business, every – single – time!

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“Anytime I have had dealings with Dovico I have had excellent and timely response.”

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Tracking time at work can be shockingly costly.

Your head spins as you try to figure out whether you remembered to enter the hours last week from the trip you had to make to an off-site location. Did you remember to keep track of the time you spent driving or just the time you spent at the site? For that matter, did you remember to get a receipt for gas when you filled up on the way back to the office? Did you forget to submit the costs of taking that potential client out for lunch?

You wouldn’t be stressing about this if you were using Dovico. Not only does Dovico provide easy-to-use time tracking, but they also track your expenses – on the go!

That’s right! Dovico’s mobile app allows you and your employees to easily track your hours and expenses, while you focus on the more important reasons that you’re traveling in the first place.

By tracking this time and these expenses accurately, you’ll give meaning to your time again. Meaning that translates to value both for you, your clients and for your business.

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