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As a Machine Learning Engineer at Dovico, you will need to be creative, strategic and hands-on in helping our team embrace and implement solutions to help better serve our customers. At Dovico we value self-leadership, curiosity, learning, experimenting and the ability to work within a team setting to accomplish goals. We are looking for a team member who will help us discover new insights around our customers’ data today so that Dovico is in a position to lean on machine learning and AI as a competitive advantage tomorrow.

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We are based in Atlantic Canada and we do time tracking for projects. Our culture is simple. We believe that above all else there should be transparency and open communication between all members of the team. We have healthy eating initiatives around the office and encourage each other through recognition when a member has done a good job. in order for a company to succeed, you need the people who work for it to succeed first and we strive to make our work environment the best it possibly can be to foster that growth mindset. 

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