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Insightful Time Reporting

Ensure everyone is in the loop with your very own customizable, automated and easily creatable report builder.

What is the point of putting the time in, if you can't get it out? Better understand the health of your projects with our highly customizable reporting system that will help you capture all of that critical information and package it up in a clean, easy-to-read report. Empower your team by encouraging collaboration of the impactful report you have created.

AD-HOC REPORTING - out of the box

The reporting possibilities are endless. Get a report of meaningful numbers in seconds.

Built-in Reports Track business performance and ROI like a pro by using one of the well crafted out-of-the-box reports already created in the system. Get instant access to the data you need and put the power of numbers in your hands in many different classic formats. Let our strength in reporting be your strength in making impactful business decisions.

Built-in Time Reports

CREATE CUSTOM REPORTS - filtered to your liking

Giving you the tools to get the data you need.

Don’t see what you need with the stock reports? No problem! Create a customized report on the data you need to analyze. Pick and choose the columns, rows, groupings and filters. You’ve got the power to build it!

Report Builder (Make your own!) Your limits are only within your imagination with Dovico’s report builder. From scratch, you can build brilliant reports by adding the columns of data that you need, group it the way you want, filter it to your liking and did we mention you can create your custom formulas? Oh yeah, you can also import your company logo, add a report title and footer to give that report a real branded feel.

Add a LogoNeed to deliver a report to a client? Or perhaps you are just proud of your logo and want it on your reports! Import your company logo and have it displayed on every report you export, print or email to give it that real customized feel.

Create your own Reports
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EXPORT YOUR RAW DATA - Slice & Dice any way you choose

Easily export reports to other applications for a more indepth analysis.

What is the point of a pretty report if you can’t use it? With Dovico reporting, you can export your report in a variety of industry-standard file formats. Now you can view your timesheet data in many of your favoured applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and even Google Sheets!

Exporting (PDF, CSV, XLSX, PNG)Are you an Excel wizard? You can export your report data in a RAW format so that you can slice and dice those rows and columns in any way you choose inside another spreadsheet or data manipulation application.

Easily Export Reports

EMAIL REPORTS - when they are needed most

One-time or recurring reports so that everyone is in the loop.

Save a few clicks and email your report to who needs it right from inside Dovico. You can even schedule them so that they get sent via email in the middle of the night or right before that monthly team meeting.

Scheduled Reports to Email Don’t set a reminder to send that report! Automate your report delivery needs by scheduling current reports daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly so that those who receive the report are up-to-date with the health of your projects.

Schedule Reports to Email

Take Your Time Back with Dovico!

Dovico Timesheet makes for simple and effective project time tracking.