I was on the phone with a client the other day. He asks me if we have a way to schedule reports. I was happy to respond that we do.

I shared with him the stat that our cloud service manager recently gave us, was that our servers sent out 2,004,294 emails in 2017. The amount of emailed reports speaks to the power of the tool.

The beauty of the report Job Scheduler is that you can set up a job to run and send out reports to specific employees once, daily, weekly or monthly. A great example is scheduling a weekly automated email to employees who have not entered all the required hours for the week. Here are some of the report types you can send:

  • Budget & Actuals
  • Time
  • Employee Time Summary
  • Project Approval Workflow
  • Time & Costs
  • Expenses
  • Project Lists
  • Security Group Permissions
  • Vacation & Leave

Instead of running reports manually. You get to your desk and your reports are waiting in your email inbox.

This functionality is a major time saver! Give it a try.

Carl Chase,
Account Executive

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