Quickly approve or reject employee timesheets


There was a time when effective employee time management was merely timekeepers gathering up punch clock cards, summing up the employees hours and then paying them accordingly.

Now, there is a little more to it. With sensitive billing on projects and tasks being a concern, the time employees enter is more valuable than ever before, and it is crucial that the time entered is accurately saved. Keep all time entries accurate by:

✔️ Approving or rejecting submitted time
✔️ Editing or deleting approved time

Timesheet approvals can catch erroneous time entries before they become costly mistakes. Even after the employee’s submitted time has been approved, in Dovico Timesheet, you can edit or delete these time entries when the need arises.

Approve or reject submitted time

Just navigate to the Approvals menu and select “Time & Expenses:

From this view, you can Approve, Reject or Approve with Exclusions:

Edit or delete approved time

Navigate to the Time & Expenses menu and click on “Employee Calendar”:

Inside the Calendar, select the employee you wish to view time for and then double click on the day you want to edit or delete time.


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