Giving time meaning means to fully understand the impact of what you are doing in the present moment. When you don’t see the impact you’re making, time becomes expendable. Sometimes, you need a break to bring yourself back into that moment. Having paid time off from work certainly goes a long way in helping reconnect your impact with time.


What is paid time off?

Paid Time Off or Personal Time Off (PTO) is time off away from work regardless of the reason. Unlike the traditional “buckets” for vacation, sick and personal leave, PTO lumps all of this time into category. PTO is typically earned through hours worked.

Resorting to dishonesty for time off

With PTO, employees do not need to fib to take a day off. In an attempt to save a vacation day, or have ran out of them. An employee may call in sick -even when they are 100% healthy. This misalignment causes stress and mitigates the benefits of the day off. Feeling guilty, they may even feel less ready to work the next day.

When employees have access to PTO, they can take guilt-free time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate themselves. Some employees may go on an adventurous vacation, others may take a day off to binge on Netflix. It doesn’t matter what they do, everyone is different, but the result is the same: personal growth doesn’t come from doing, it comes from rest.

When employees know they have unrestricted time to take care of themselves and their families, they are likely to bring their best selves to work. Ultimately, they’ll find more meaning in their work because they are much more present.

How are you currently tracking vacation & paid leave time?

Not quite sure who is off and when? Or who has time left?

Dovico helps you manage PTO

Dovico offers employers an easy way to provide their valued staff paid time off. Inside Dovico Timesheet, Employees enter their working time on various tasks that are assigned to build PTO. Behind the scenes, accrual rules are set in place to determine that person’s earned PTO time.

For example, John T. earns 0.5 days (or 3.75 hours) of PTO for every 100 hours worked. As John enters his time, Dovico Timesheet is calculating his PTO minus any time he has already taken.

This automated system takes the calculating legwork off managers workload and gives employees a clear picture of what amount time off they have at any given moment.

Need help determining who is taking time off and when?

With the Dovico Time Off app, managers and employees can submit (and approve) time off and view who is taking time off and when. Its easy-to-use calendar view gives everyone in your company a good read on who’s out of the office and a great way to plan staff events and meetings.

When you know how many people and who will be out on specific days, using the Dovico Time Off app saves you the pain of having to reschedule.

Get away with paid time off

Paid time off gives us all a no-stress way to get stuff done, take a breather or get away from the drama of everyday life. For us to value our time at work, our time away from work must be equally valued. Time at work only has meaning when time at life is entirely balanced.

How’s your project time tracking game?

Your time-consuming and worn out spreadsheets won’t get you to the top.

Let us help you grow and win!

For growing businesses looking for a better way to track employee time and activity.


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For 30 years, Dovico has been providing time tracking and timesheet software for clients worldwide. Manage your projects and teams, capture time and generate reports.

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