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Using a spreadsheet as a method of timekeeping for billing clients is a no-brainer. The problem with spreadsheet timekeeping is that it doesn’t scale very well. As your employee numbers grow, so does the pain of billable time collection. If you are reading this, you’ve either experienced this pain in the past or are experiencing it now. Having a timesheet solution that scales with your team’s growth while keeping you integrated with your favourite Microsft Excel spreadsheet is crucial.

Excel makes billing time easier

You know your stuff when it comes to Excel. It’s familiar, and it’s powerful. Excel does a fantastic job crunching the numbers in a way that feels sensible. So why would you ever leave it? I don’t blame you.

For a couple of employees, tracking time in Excel is just fine, but it was just not built to handle 25+ timesheets submitted on time for the next billing cycle. You still have to do a lot of data entry and massaging to make that magic happen.

Imagine how powerful your labour costing report would be if you could feed live up-to-date timesheet data right into it. Consider the time you would save when billing clients with instant timesheet information at your fingertips.

Dovico Timesheet and Excel spreadsheet makes billing time a breeze

In today’s business world, every system must have a way to communicate with each other. Long gone are the days of siloed data. Nobody has time to bridge the gaps between data systems. We would rather stick to what barely works than to build another database of hard-to-integrate critical information.

To help ease that burden, Dovico provides, free of charge, a set of ready-made Excel spreadsheets that pull data from its timesheet database. With a few simple steps, you can have all of your employee’s time entries, project, task and labour cost information imported from Dovico Timesheet into that trusty Excel spreadsheet. From there, the possibilities of your Excel genius are endless!

Sample Time Entry data downloaded from Dovico Timesheet into Excel

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Stay with that familiar Excel spreadsheet

Billing for your project time should not be painful, with Dovico Timesheet’s Excel integration, it’s not. You stay inside Excel, while your team enters their time into Dovico. Ease your workload a little and let Dovico take care of the heavy lifting of timesheet submission, while you take care of getting paid.

If you are already an existing client, get started now and download the free Dovico Excel templates with the link below.

If you are new to Dovico Timesheet, try us out for free, forever! Unlimited time entries and reporting for up to five employees and ten projects.

Dovico Timesheet and Excel spreadsheet are finally two peas in a pod.

Download these FREE Excel files and start live importing your important Timesheet data into your Excel reports!

“We have gotten spoiled!”

Before we started using Dovico in 2008, each employee was using a company spread sheet to manually keep track of time and printing them off to hand in every month. The huge time savings during billing and payroll more than offset the price.

Steve H.


“Custom Reports”

We now have a resource % billable/non-billable report that lets us know our estimated revenue for each month and how we are comparing billable/non-billable to the industry.

Linda L.

Office Manager

How’s your project time tracking game?

Your time-consuming and worn out spreadsheets won’t get you to the top.

Let us help you grow and win!

For growing businesses looking for a better way to track employee time and activity.


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