Ahh, the seasonal winds of change are here. The kids are back in school (finally) and the smells of autumn are all around us -pumpkin spice anyone? Finally, the leaves are changing into their beautful autumn coats and so are we.

At Dovico, we’ve kept busy maintaining our world-class timesheet system, and soon, we’ll be releasing some visual updates to some of the admin screens that you use. Stay tuned for a preview!

All of our support channels: Chat, email or phone are ready for you on our regular office hours if you need some Dovico love. Click here for ways to reach out.

What have we’ve been up to? Here’s a list of updates and fixes to Dovico Timesheet that we’ve released in September 2020:

  • Fixed (Version 14) – Users can now enter 5+ digits before the decimal in the Assignment Billing Rate field on the Project screen.
  • Fixed (Version 14) – The Amount field for “per unit” expenses in the Expenses screen is now disabled.
  • Fixed (Version 14) – Wording change for Time & Expense rejections, it now asks “Why are you rejecting this Time Or Expense?” instead of “Why are you rejecting this Time?”

In case you missed it, here’s the list of updates and fixes from August.

Stay informed!

For more information on how and when regular maintenance is performed on Dovico servers, please check out our Maintenance Window Policy.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with our software or have suggestions about how we can make your experience better by contacting our friendly support team.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you!

How are you currently tracking vacation & paid leave time?

Not quite sure who is off and when? Or who has time left?


About the Author

Jeff Nagle is Dovico's blog contributor and digital marketer. What started as a hobby, writing content has now become Jeff's full-time career. At Dovico, he began as a software developer, then moved to customer support and custom report writing, and now, he's helping get Dovico's word out. When Jeff's not in his office writing, he’s sweating it out at the gym, reading a captivating biography, or training for a marathon.

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