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Maintenance Window Policy

Effective March 14, 2017, Dovico has implemented a weekly maintenance window. Services may be taken offline during the maintenance window.


The maintenance window will be used to do low impact routine maintenance on our servers like security patch installation and low impact service updates like service bug fixes. Outages during the maintenance window in most cases will be minimal. i.e. server reboots, service/process restarts. Service outages will occur only when there is a need. Otherwise, services will remain online during the maintenance window. If the service will be taken offline a notice will be posted on the login page while the server is offline stating that the service is undergoing maintenance and will be back online shortly.


Maintenance windows take place weekly between the hours of 11:00 pm Tuesday and 2:00 am Wednesday in each service region.

Service region weekly maintenance windows:

How do you determine your service region?

After logging into the service the first two letters of the URL in your browsers address bar correspond to your region. For example, shows that you are in the US Region.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Routine Maintenance Window Policy, please feel free to contact the support department at 800-618-8463 or 00 800 4618 8463 for International customers. You can also fill out our support form at We will get back to you promptly and do anything we can to answer your questions or concerns.

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