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We’ve all been there. You’re waist-deep in a project, and so focused on the task-at-hand that you forget to eat. You don’t have time to worry about the little stuff, let alone set aside time to calculate your own working hours. This is just one of many reasons why Dovico is the perfect time tracking software for engineers and architects.

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With revisions to make, regular project updates to share and troubleshooting to do on a daily basis, you’re in a real time crunch. It can be incredibly stressful, since time is the one commodity where you can’t just buy more.

Dovico’s active project tracking software, combined with its ability to track multiple projects, makes it a lifesaving tool for those who are struggling to find time to keep their administrative paperwork in order.

Organization is critically important to ride the chaotic nature of these industries to success. You need a company you can count on. A company that has accurate, easy-to-use time tracking software for engineers and architects, ready with updates and information at a moment’s notice.

You need Dovico.

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“Very easy to implement and superior customer service.”


TCG Consulting

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Overseeing a massive build project can be terribly overwhelming. You’ve got employees at a number of different facilities; some building parts, while others are designing and developing software to run the final build. You spend so much of your time going from place to place, visiting facilities to get updates on completion and supervise testing, sometimes you feel like you’re drowning. Managing timesheets for your engineers is the last thing on your mind.

You’re too busy managing your employee costs against your build expenses, while also trying to ensure that your project meets its deadlines on time and under budget.

Why add to that pressure by trying to organize all those employees (and your own) timesheets on top of everything else you’re responsible for? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a company in your corner that could handle all of that?

Well, lucky for you, Dovico is here to alleviate that weight from your shoulders.

With accurate time and expense costing against your projected costs and budgets, Dovico gives meaning back to your time. Meaning that will translate to value for you, for your team and for your clients!

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‘But how can Dovico help me when I’m hardly ever in the office at my computer? Don’t I need to at my desk to use their tracking software?’ you may ask. Thankfully, the answer is no! Dovico’s mobile app allows you access to all your pertinent information, and all of Dovico’s helpful tools and services for engineering time tracking on the go - anywhere, anytime!

Just like you need to be there for your employees, Dovico is ready and eager to help you troubleshoot through any hiccups you might have along the way. Though don’t be surprised if you don’t need much help, since their software is so intuitive, there’s no training required.

And with customizable timesheet project fields and terminology, you can set everything up in a way that’s easy to understand and use, so your team can benefit from it too. It’s really that simple.

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“I think 5 stars are an accurate reflection based on service and capability vs cost. I've been happy being a Dovico customer for over a decade (first at my previous company MetroStar Systems and now Easy Dynamics).

I like the advancements and focus on mobile delivery and integration.”

Pirooz Javan

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For architects, accuracy and efficiency are two things which can never be skimped on. You take your work seriously, so your clients are always happy. So, why would you skimp on managing yourself by letting your own billable hours and expense management be left on the backburner?

You’re not an afterthought, and you shouldn’t let your workload make you feel that way. Dovico’s flexible activity tracking software and time tracking by project options mean you can rest assured your time will be tracked accurately, even if you have multiple projects or clients on the go at the same time.

Dovico protects you from letting your own needs fall to the wayside, while you worry about making sure your clients are always happy and your projects are always done on time.

Together with Dovico, you’ll get a partner that will give you back the freedom to build your business and client base without unnecessarily sacrificing time. You want to be successful, and Dovico wants to help get you there.

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About Dovico

With 25 years experience, you can see why so many businesses have chosen Dovico to manage their timesheets and expenses. They have the experience and knowledge you need to guide your business in the right direction. Their unmatched customer service leaves other timesheet management companies in the dust and leaves you wondering how you ever got on before without them.

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