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Celebrating 20 yearsThe Company

As a leading developer of Time Management Software, Dovico Software provides proven time and cost saving solutions that have been embraced by thousands of the world's best known companies such as National Geographic, Bayer, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

Established in response to the emerging global demand for enhanced operating efficiency, our easy-to-use web based timesheet for employee time tracking and expense management software improves employee efficiency, staff productivity, project control and increases profitability in 60 days...We Guarantee It.

Dovico History Timeline
Dovico History Timeline

The Idea

It all started... when two engineers needed to find a better means of recording their timesheets for tracking time and effort to improve project management. These two employees, realized something was missing in the market place. So Dovico was created by offering an Employee Time Tracking Software to corporations to help increase their productivity, profits, automate timesheets, and facilitate time and billing.

Message from the CEO

"In today's highly volatile economic market it's important to concentrate on the bottom line. It's all about focusing resources on efficiency and making every dollar count.

This can be done by looking inward, improving processes, streamlining resources, and removing employee uncertainty. As a project manager many questions come to mind. Some are easy to answer and some a little more difficult:

  1. Are my employees working on the right priorities?
  2. Is this project going to be Late?
  3. Should we continue with this effort or focus towards something else?
  4. Is this project going to make us money or simply costing us a bundle?

Of course there are many other questions to be answered, but starting on your internal efficiency allows you to weather the storm of economic uncertainty."

Yves Doucet

"Great software, even better service. That's the Dovico Difference." - Yves
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