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We have some pretty amazing people with many backgrounds and different personalities who have a real passion for what they do. 

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Who's Gerard Gallant? Gerard, our software architect and senior developer, is a longtime employee who has been with Dovico since 2001. His work in helping architect our API had fundamentally changed the way we do business. Whether it be through his work at Dovico or his devout work at his church, Gerard lives his life following the many principles that he sticks to. These principles guide him to follow a path that is both honourable and admirable. Read Gerard's blog feature

Who's Carl Chase? You can’t fake a deep sincerity to help over the phone. With Carl, helping others comes naturally to him. He is empathetic to the bone, and it’s why over the years we’ve been able to retain some of our clients for well over 16 years. It’s Carl’s authentic sense of understanding that makes him our superhero. Read Carl's blog feature

Who's Benoit Lanteigne? Benoit is a very kind, humble and knowledgeable person. His passions for writing words and writing code are very evident in all of his works. We look forward with great excitement to help him launch his first book in the not too distant future! And we're always amazed by the careful coding work that he does within our software. Read Benoit's blog feature

Who's Estelle Johnston? Estelle is a very talented, energetic and compassionate human being. We are very fortunate to have her. In her 18 years at Dovico, she has evolved from a web designer to an integral cog in the gears that make our company what it is today. Estelle is interviewed by her co-worker Dominique Bourgoin! Read Estelle's blog feature

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