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Meaningful business is not about impersonal transactions between two faceless entities. It’s about a group of conscious people serving another group of conscious people.

Understanding and relating to who each member of the team is crucial to building longer-lasting and trusting connections between everyone.

Employee Spotlight is a series of short biographies of Dovico employees that are meant to bridge that relatability gap. Dovico would be nothing more than just another timesheet company without the fantastic people who make up the team.

Dovico is the product of who we are and not just what we do.

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Who’s Estelle Johnston?

Recently, I had the privilege of revamping Dovico’s staff page. Before sitting down to write all of the staff’s “mini” biographies, I had sent out a questionnaire to the entire team to give me a good starting point in which to write. Of all the biographies that I had received, Estelle’s answers blew me away.

Estelle is a very modest and profoundly humble person. Always willing to lend a hand or jump in to participate in any staff activity, Estelle is the life of the party without needing to be the life of the party. She is the one who takes it on task to ensure the party has life and never expects any credit. It is for the well-being of the team for which she finds her energy.

Our culture runs on Estelle’s energy

Dovico is quickly becoming renowned for it’s vibrant and inclusive company culture and Estelle plays a significant role in making that happen. As our community manager, her daily tasks are very widespread. From managing all of our social media and podcast accounts. Planning staff events, and even running the weekly office grocery order. Estelle takes all of our wellness to heart.

Being physically active is important

To keep up with our bustling company culture, Estelle takes her own wellness to heart. She understands that to be active at work; she must be active outside of work. This dedication to an active lifestyle is why Estelle and her husband, Matty, are avid hikers, runners and mountain bikers. They love to spend time outdoors.

Estelle has recently shared a hiking journal in which she documents through pictures and written experience of all of the various wilderness trails that she and Matty have accomplished. On top of hiking, Estelle is a passionate runner and has completed six half-marathons!

Estelle and her husband also love to travel. They have travelled to nine countries together and just recently went on an extended trip to the Philippines!

Music is a big part of Estelle’s life

What also impresses me about Estelle’s high energy is how talented she is. On top of her keen eye for design, she’s also a very gifted musician who plays in an all-girl band. If it has strings on it, keys to push or even a drum, she will give it a go.

A couple of years ago she was challenged to post on Facebook a self-made and played music video every week for a year. Not only did she accomplish that challenge, but she also went out with a grand finale which included many of her musically talented friends. Some of her videos even went viral!

Estelle is a very talented, energetic and compassionate human being. We are very fortunate to have her. In her 18 years at Dovico, she has evolved from a web designer to an integral cog in the gears that make our company what it is today.

When I wrote the mini-biographies for Dovico’s About Us page, I struggled to fit all of Estelle’s accomplishments into a tiny block of text, so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to write this more extensive piece. Even with 500 words, I had a rough time to capture just who is Estelle Johnston.

Estelle is the oil to our Dovico engine!

Thank you, for all that you do Estelle.

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