About Dovico’s Employee Spotlight

Meaningful business is not about impersonal transactions between two faceless entities. It’s about a group of conscious people serving another group of conscious people.

Understanding and relating to who each member of the team is crucial to building longer-lasting and trusting connections between everyone.

Employee Spotlight is a series of short biographies of Dovico employees that are meant to bridge that relatability gap. Dovico would be nothing more than just another timesheet company without the fantastic people who make up the team.

Dovico is the product of who we are and not just what we do.

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Who’s Benoit Lanteigne?

Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting some incredible people while working at Dovico. Many people who work here are accomplished in their careers and in life; Benoit is no exception.

While he is not one to blow his own horn, when you get the opportunity to speak with him, Benoit has many fascinating surprises in his story. While Benoit is a very knowledgeable software developer by day, he is an aspiring writer by night.

Benoit doesn’t just write code!

Benoit is a gifted fictional writer. One particular story called “My Skeptical Angel,” is one that he is writing into an episodic novel. If you’re a fan of fictional writing, check out Benoit’s work on his website: http://my-skeptical-angel.com.

Just recently, Benoit took advantage of Dovico’s “Courage Program” to help him with his project. The Courage Program is designed to give financial assistance to any Dovico employee who wishes to take on a courageous project that they might not have the means to do otherwise.

For Benoit, he is going to use the program to pay for an editor that will help look over his work and help ready it for publishing. He believes that this is courageous because it can be tough to have someone look over your work and suggest changes that may go against your vision. It opens you up for change and constructive, yet uncomfortable criticism.

On top of his amazing imaginative writing, Benoit also shares his passion for writing on his blog, go check it out on Medium:https://medium.com/@benoit.lanteigne.


During his interview with Dovico, Benoit stated that the name of his biography would be: “Unbreakable”. With such a powerful word to describe his life, the story behind that name hits home for many of us.

While growing up in a small rural town of 1,000 people, Benoit was the target of verbal bullying during his teenage years. As an avid studier, Benoit was the deserving recipient of very high academic grades -he was the top graduating male of his class! Like a lot of high-performing students, he was often cast off as a “nerd” and ridiculed for his desire to learn.

As peer pressure mounted, he fended off invitations to drink and party with those who fell into the distraction. He resolved to not cave to the pressure even if it pushed him down the social ladder. Eventually, the bullying would increase but his resolve remained unbroken. In his own words “they tried to “break” me and they couldn’t.”

Such an inspiring and courageous story.

His greatest accomplishment

The “Unbreakable” Benoit Lantaigne is a very valuable team member of our software development crew. His greatest career achievement is a gaming website called: “Ta parole est en jeu.” It was a website of games meant to promote minority French communities in Canada. The project was very complex with an aggressive timeline. However, Benoit and his small team delivered the project on time and with very few defects.

So who’s Benoit Lanteigne? Benoit is a very kind, humble and knowledgeable person. His passions for writing words and writing code are very evident in all of his works. We look forward with great excitement to help him launch his first book in the not too distant future! And we’re always amazed by the careful coding work that he does within our software.

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Jeff Nagle is Dovico's blog contributor and digital marketer. What started as a hobby, writing content has now become Jeff's full-time career. At Dovico, he began as a software developer, then moved to customer support and custom report writing, and now, he's helping get Dovico's word out. When Jeff's not in his office writing, he’s sweating it out at the gym, reading a captivating biography, or training for a marathon.

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