But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them

Lyrics to “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce

If you’re a little unsure about the profitability and efficiency of your projects, you’re not alone. It may seem like a simple task to just bill clients for time spent working on their projects, but let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the rear.

Your efficiency comes down to how you save your time, literally.

I’m not sure what solution you are using to track your billable time, but I can guess that you may be using a spreadsheet of some sort. If not, and you’re using a computation pad or Post-It note to tabulate your hours, it’s time to at least give our free Excel or Google timesheet templates a try.

This is not an efficient way to save time!

Save time with Dovico

Dovico has been helping engineering firms grow for over 25 years. Our time and expense tracking solution were created by engineers that were facing the exact problems you’re having right now.

  • Can we make this easier by tracking our time on the job site or at the airport waiting for a flight home?
  • How do we accurately prove our billable hours? And how can we make billing our clients easier?
  • Is there a way to instantly pull a report on a project to see if we are over budget? Or how about just getting a general idea of the health of all of our projects?
  • Can we automate expense tracking?
  • How about adding data to project or tasks that are specific only to them and reporting on it?
  • Do we have any idea if we have the capacity to even take on a new project?

Dovico Timesheet answers all of those questions and more. Give us a try for 30 days. Let’s see if we can get your confidence back in the projects you are working on now and the projects you want to work on tomorrow.

Saving Time for Engineering

Reviews from engineers using Dovico

Here are some recent reviews on Dovico from engineering firms:

At times we have 50 active billable clients and Dovico gives us the reports we need to make sure they all get billed properly… Having Dovico host the software has made it possible for employees to log their hours when working in the field which is a huge plus!

Steve H. – Civil Engineering, 1-10 employees

The pie charts give the supervisor that added advantage of looking and evaluating where most time is spent and a drill down can be done with ease.

Baliso V. – Civil Engineering, 11-50 employees

Easy to use and internet based is great for employees out the office.

Andrew G. – Civil Engineering, 1-10 employees

Simple learning, great customization , Jira integration, great reporting.

Michailas O. – Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, 11-50 employees

All reviews were graciously given by clients of Dovico and are available from Capterra.


About the Author

For 30 years, Dovico has been providing time tracking and timesheet software for clients worldwide. Manage your projects and teams, capture time and generate reports.

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