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online, centralized and manageable project time and expense tracking to help streamline your workflow

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated manually entering timesheets at the end of each month? Still using spreadsheets to track project time and expenses, and concerned how accurately you're billing clients? Give your team the tools they need to track their own time and expenses so you can do more than just break even.

Project Time Tracking - Where Ever You Want

In the office, offsite, or on the go? Track project time from anywhere.

Making time tracking effortless is what Dovico is all about. Allowing everyone an easy way to enter time and then get the time out is the foundation from which timely and accurate project costing and billing grows.

Mobile AppsOur time tracking “on-the-go” Android or iOS app allows for time and expense management that works seamlessly with Dovico Timesheet. Now, location is no longer a barrier to managing your time!

Project Time Tracking On The Go

Timesheet Entry - However You Want

By the task, project, day or week. We work the way you work.

Time EntryNeed to know where you stand with your time entries? Get it right the first time! Just before you hit the submit button on your timesheet for approval, you can review total hours, billable hours and overtime hours. Reporting, costing or billing will be accurate right out of the gate!

Stop/Start Time Tracking Click the task’s name, click the start button and go! Getting you back to the tasks that you do best is vital. Once you are done working on that task, click the Stop button and just like that, your time is entered! If this isn’t your thing, you can enter the number of hours you worked against on each task for any day of any week. When you feel that your time is right, click on Submit! It is just that simple.

Bulk Time Entry Entering time can be time-consuming, which is counter-productive. In the timesheet view, click on the intersecting cell of the task and day of the week, enter the number of hours you worked, and that’s all; your time is in!

Easy Timesheet Entry
Let us show you how easy it is to enter and track time using Dovico Timesheet.

Project Expenses - in One Place

All your expenses where they belong - attached to each project

Simple Expense EntryTrack expenses for purchases or costs incurred against a project in Dovico by creating an expense sheet, entering the details and then submitting it for reimbursement. Once the expenses are approved, the costs are immediately available for project cost reporting, analysis and billing.

Attach ReceiptsReduce your paper trail by attaching digital receipts directly to the Dovico expense sheet in the form of an attachment. Now, administrative expense related tasks are a little easier with all details of the expense in one spot. There is no need for chasing down those paper receipts!

Simple Expense Entry


The automation, customization and level of detail you need to keep projects on track.

Time Entry Descriptions Take the guesswork out of a job well done with time entry descriptions. Each time entry can be equipped with a mandatory (or not) description field where the time entry user can describe in detail the efforts that went into that task.

Employee Timesheet & Expense Options Keep your user experience neat and tidy with the settings screen. Enable and disable various access rights to multiple users or groups of users. Determine what information and data fields are visible on most screens including the time entry screen.

Time Formats (12H/24H) Make time entry a little easier to read and use with changeable Start/End time formats. 24-hour and 12-hour (AM/PM) formats are available. All time formats in the Administrative screens are set in the 24-hour clock format.

Employee Timesheet & Expense Options

Take Your Time Back with Dovico!

Dovico Timesheet makes for simple and effective project time tracking.