Meaningful business is not about impersonal transactions between two faceless entities. It’s about a group of conscious people serving another group of conscious people.

Understanding and relating who each member of the team are crucial to building longer-lasting and trusting connections between each group.

Employee Spotlight is a series of short biographies of Dovico employees that are meant to bridge that relatability gap. Dovico would be nothing more than just another timesheet company without the fantastic people who make up their team.

Dovico is the product of who we are and not just what we do.

Who’s J-D Thibodeau?

Well, let’s start with his name. His real name is Jean-Daniel Thibodeau. To some, his name can be quite a mouthful to say. But once you get it down, it flows so very well. And that’s J-D! His easy-going and accommodating nature flows so well for our clients and our team as a whole.

When you give Dovico Support a call, drop an email, or send a quick online chat, it will likely be J-D that will be responding. His product knowledge and a keen ability to empathize will blow you away. J-D understands customer support, it’s his natural-born talent.

Coming from a support role in a major national telecommunications company, J-D understood how out of touch customer support is to humanity. With an industry-standard of recorded calls, incentivized talk-time and unfair call-queues, J-D didn’t feel aligned with helping customers within parameters centred around the bottom line. Drawing from his past experience, J-D strives to bring human contact back into helping our clients.

What are his interests?

Fast cars, rock and roll and great food, round out just some of J-D’s interests outside of work. One of the highlights of his life came when he travelled to Paris, France to help train new Dovico clients. As he was wandering the streets of Paris, he came across a few supercars that caught his eye. As he talked to the man in charge of these cars, J-D learned that they were for rent!

It didn’t take much to convince J-D to jump in and take a red Ferrari California convertible out for a spin. J-D was one part nervous to five parts excited as he drove his dream car around downtown Paris. He can still recall the excitement in vivid detail from that “bucket list” moment.

J-D driving a Ferrari in Paris.
That’s the look of crossing off a bucket list item! J-D driving a Ferrari in Paris!

What many people don’t know about J-D is that he is a very talented drummer. He picked up drumming early in life and was encouraged by his parents to play whenever he had the chance. J-D is a drummer in a local band and has been in the music scene for over 15 years. While he appreciates most genres of music, he prefers heavy rock sounds but has a strong appreciation for bluesy-type rock.

J-D sitting at a drumset
J-D behind his noisy desk.
Photo credit: Louis-Philippe Chiasson

A great homecooked meal is what peaks J-D’s food palette the most. A lover of combining spices and sauces, scrolling his Instagram feed filled with pictures of his foody creations would make anyone drool. That’s, of course, after you take a stroll past photographs of Django, he and his girlfriend Dominique’s German Shorthaired Pointer.

J-D and Dominiques dog, Django.
Meet Django! J-D and Dominique’s German Shorthaired Pointer.

J-D understands the customer’s journey

I could write for days about the many things that J-D is passionate about. But for the sake of time, I will leave you with this. Recently, he’s taken it upon himself to learn about our client’s journey within Dovico. J-D is learning about the different pain points that we can improve to make our client’s interactions with us better. To get a deeper understanding, he recently attended a course called “Customer Journey Mapping & Facilitation Training.” It was conducted by Kerry Bodine & Co.

When it comes to supporting customers, a company must have a mindset of people helping people. A deep sense of empathy has to be the core of everything you do. Dovico strives to serve its clients with as much compassion as it possibly can. And we do so because of J-D.

We are very grateful to have J-D on our support team. He is one of the rare ones who make calling for help a pleasurable experience.

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