When it comes to generations, much of the conversation is on the elusive “Millennials.” Well, I think its time to think more about “Gen Z.” The generation who’s grown up entirely in an internet world and, more particularly, a social media world.

Enter Ryan Chitty.

Welcome to the Gen Z club, Dovico!

Who’s Ryan Chitty?

Ryan is one of our newest teammates and is, by a few years, the youngest. Having just celebrated his 20th birthday, Dovico has three employees who have been working for the company longer than Ryan has been out of diapers! (we certainly hope he’s potty trained)

He may only be a year into his budding career, but don’t let that fool you. Ryan is wise to his profession as a customer support and junior systems administrator. He helped his dad tinker with computers since he was pre-schooler and has been at this technology hobby-career for a long time! He has a solid grasp of how tech and humans co-exist in harmony.

Dovico's Ryan Chitty driving with his face in the rear-view mirror.
Ryan’s new obsession, driving!

What is impressive about Ryan is how many different interests and passions that he has. He’s a top-rated Local Google Guide by allowing Google to follow him around and ask for reviews of his experiences to help others. He even once hosted a popular Pokémon streaming channel. Both hobbies are his way of giving back to his community and turning his passion into an inspiration for others.

Outside of the tech stuff, Ryan isn’t afraid to get his hands a little greasy. Growing up watching his dad work on cars and figuring out how they work, Ryan looks at his car as just another inspiration to learn and play. Looking at his Instagram account, it doesn’t take much to see that his brand new Hyundai Veloster is his current fascination.

Dovico's Ryan Chitty's Hyundai Veloster
Ryan’s 2020 Hyundai Veloster that he calls: “2.Slow”

Wisdom beyond his years

His natural curiosity, desire to help his community and now a budding interest to improve his health, makes him a natural fit for Dovico. What he loves most about working for Dovico is that he gets time to learn and isn’t rushed into producing results. He would rather have a good understanding of the situation than to throw together a quick fix.

Recently, Ryan attended a local leadership conference called LevelUp with a few other Dovico teammates. Drew Dudley, one of the last speakers at the event, spoke of how we should live our lives with enthusiasm as if today is “Day One.” Like the first day of a new job, or day one of a new workout routine.

This advice resonated with Ryan, as during his Employee Spotlight podcast with Jody Smallman, Ryan said that every day is day one to learn something new. Such incredible wisdom from someone the same age as Spongebob Squarepants.

Gen Z: We’re in good hands

Robin Sharma has a great quote: “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” When I look at the generational gaps adapting to advanced technology, Baby Boomers and Generation X had a tough time adjusting. Millennials are a little messy. They are caught somewhere between knowing a life with and without tech. Generation Z? Well, they are gorgeously adapting to a life where technology has never been an option. It’s always been there.

Dovico's Ryan Chitty having fun at the beach.
Ryan having some fun at the beach.

Ryan’s impact on Dovico has been quite fascinating. As he absorbs all the knowledge and wisdom that comes from starting a brand new career, the rest of us are absorbing Ryan’s enthusiasm and capacity to adapt. If Ryan is any indication, our workplaces will be fine, if not better, with Gen Z.

Employee Spotlight Podcast

Listen to a podcast interview with Ryan hosted by Jody Smallman

About Dovico’s Employee Spotlight

Meaningful business is not about impersonal transactions between two faceless entities. It’s about a group of conscious people serving another group of conscious people.

Understanding and relating to who each member of the team is crucial to building longer-lasting and trusting connections between everyone.

Employee Spotlight is a series of short biographies of Dovico employees that are meant to bridge that relatability gap. Dovico would be nothing more than just another timesheet company without the fantastic people who make up the team.

Dovico is the product of who we are and not just what we do.

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