Who’s Trent Gallant? Friendship is what social life is all about. It blooms from the bud of two people coming together through a common bond. Both people can change, but friendship only lasts if that common bond stays the same. Sometimes that bond can be made up of the friendship itself, and if that’s the case, it will last a lifetime.

Without friendship, life is unbearable. We all need a little help from one another, and if you can count on one friend to be there for most of your life, consider yourself extremely lucky.

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’ve known Trent Gallant for a quarter-century, and he’s been the one constant, caring face when I’ve gone through so many.

What does Trent do at Dovico?

Trent is Dovico’s chief Custom Report Writer and backup Client Support guy. Overall though, he is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Trent’s intelligence, coupled with his desire to see the team succeed, makes him a valuable sibling in the Dovico family.

Trent posing with his cat, Callie
Trent with Callie

At home, Trent is a lifelong video gamer. For as long as I’ve known him, he has had a game controller in his hand. From the early days of coin-operated video arcades to the first Nintendo systems and on to the latest console creations, Trent has had a passion for gaming. He credits Pac Man creator, Toru Iwatani, as his biggest inspiration. For if it weren’t for Pac Man, Trent would likely have never followed a career path in technology.

A story of friendship

I met Trent when he worked for a fast-food restaurant in our hometown of Miramichi, NB, Canada. We were partnered up together on my very first day making burgers. He patiently helped this 15-year-old kid, working his first “real job” to assemble burgers. Immediately, I was in awe over how efficient and fast he could make them. Trent became my first real “workplace leader.”

Trent dressed up as Mr Rogers for Halloween
Trent dressed up at Dovico as Mr. Rogers for Halloween.

As the day cruised along, and I got my bearings, Trent and I a lot of fun challenging each other to build burgers faster. After one particular race to make a half-dozen burgers all at once, Trent mistakenly slammed the mustard bottle down on the worktable. The force of the bottle hitting the metal table caused mustard to shoot out with such power that a gob of mustard hit the ceiling! We laughed so hard that a life-long bond formed.

Military service

It wasn’t long after our fast-food days that Trent decided it was time for a change. Looking for a better life and a new career, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces. During his nine months of basic training and battle school, Trent turned into a machine, or as I called him “a tank.” He gained a ton of muscle and lost his hair (to a buzzcut.) While he decided soon after basic training that military life was not for him, he came back from that experience with much more confidence and appreciation for physical capability.

Trent at basic training with the Canadian Military
Trent during military training (circa 1997/1998.)

Thank you for your service, Trent. I don’t tell you that enough.

Moving on to something new

After the military, Trent went to college to pursue a career in the emerging computer programming field. With all of it’s winding roads, Trent has carved himself out a career that fits his natural curiosity and ability to dig in and find a quality solution to almost any technical problem. Both are qualities that are enhanced by his passion for video gaming.

Change is often the catalyst for destroying friendships. Thankfully along the way, even though we changed in many ways, our friendship always escaped the chopping block. As time has taken us along two very different paths in life, our friendship somehow has taken a path on its own.

Trent is a kind soul

While kindness attracts people to him, Trent’s loyalty, perseverance and dedication to his passions in life help him build lasting friendships. It’s a friendship that I am grateful to have.

Trent donating blood
Trent donating blood during a Dovico team outing.

Dovico is lucky to have Trent’s expertise and loyalty on the front line serving our clients in support and custom reporting. He embodies what Dovico is all about.

Employee Spotlight Podcast

Listen to a podcast with Trent hosted by: Jeff Nagle

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