Who’s Shelley Butler? In every great organization, there’s a powershifter—someone whose purpose is to transfer power from one person to another. Shelley is Dovico’s powershifter. But instead of taking power from one person and moving it to another, Shelley helps everyone she meets to see the power they have within, and she does it with nothing more than love, dignity and respect. #LoveWins

What does Shelley do at Dovico?

By title, Shelley is our newly minted CEO! If you follow Dovico’s social media channels, you would have seen her speak from the heart on many occasions on a variety of different topics. She spreads a message of compassion, health and love like no other. While her day-to-day work has her doing various operational tasks and making CEO-like decisions, but her greatest work comes from ensuring that everyone has a stake in Dovico’s direction.

Shelley Butler helping Dovico staff practice Yoga.
Shelley helping the Dovico team practice Yoga.

Just recently, Shelley returned from a week-long leadership and yoga teacher training retreat at the Baptiste Institute in Sedona, Arizona. While there, she learned to dig deep within herself to remove the narrative she was holding on to -a narrative of unworthiness. While the experience opened her mind to the possibilities of greatness, Shelley’s purpose of becoming a certified yoga instructor is to help others discover their stories and to shift the power within themselves.

Shelley Butler delivering a powerful speech at Mark Black's LevelUp Conference.
Shelley delivering a powerful speech at Mark Black’s LevelUp Conference

A survivor like no other

Everyone has a story, but not everyone is ready to read it aloud. Shelley’s courage has lead her to share her story of being a survivor of sexual abuse when she was a little girl. But Shelley will not be defined by what happened to her in the past. Like her daughter, Niki’s favourite saying, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Shelley has repeatedly gotten back up from everything that has pushed her down. Shelley is not a victim but a victor.

Shelley Butler in a selfie by the seashore.
Shelley’s selfie by the seashore

Shelley’s sanctuary by the seashore

One of Shelley’s favourite places on earth is her and her husband Len’s cottage in Cassie Cape, New Brunswick. A modest slice of heaven that allows each of them to unwind six months of the year. It is at their cottage that they do their deepest soul searching. Watching sunsets and sunrises, going for walks along the ocean with their pup Mia and spending time on the back deck together, Shelley and Len recharge after giving up so much of their energy in the service of others.

In service of others

On a drive home from work one evening, Shelley noticed a homeless man camping out near the road she travels. The next morning as she was returning to work, she noticed the man was still there. Shelley, being the brave soul she is, approached the man and asked him if she could help. Soon a friendship bloomed where Shelley helped the man get fed and eventually, he found enough strength to make his way back home to his family.

Get your workout in!

Shelley Butler

This interaction had lead to Shelley becoming a beacon of hope for many homeless people in the community. She eventually headed up a group of people to serve homeless people lunch outside the Dovico office. Ultimately, Shelley and Leonard became regular volunteers at a local soup kitchen. To this day, Shelley has clean and dry clothes, toiletries and other necessities in the trunk of her car. Equipped and ready to help anyone who may be in need.

Shelly in a selfie with Felicia and Maranda
Shelley sharing a fun moment with Felicia and Maranda

Shelley is the epitome of love

From her family, Niki and Len at home to her family at work, and everyone in between. Shelley is a leader who leads in the service of others. She understands what life is like when you don’t feel safe because she’s lived it. It’s this understanding that drives her to create safety for all those within her circle of love. And those who are in Shelley’s circle are always left better for being there.

Love shifts the power within to all those who allow it, and Shelley Butler is the queen powershifter.

Podcast: We Are Not Chocolate

Check out Shelley’s podcast that she co-hosts with blogger Michelle Collins of This Whole Life.

These inspirational ladies talk about how we can’t make everybody happy. You’re not chocolate! Michelle shares her reflections on being a lifetime people pleaser, reformed people pleaser, working on living her own life and her best life.

Check out the podcast here!

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