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Link to your installed QuickBooks easily with QuickLink!  QuickLink provides a simple way for you to send employee time and expenses directly into your Intuit accounting software.

Time entries can then be used to invoice customers or pay employees directly from QuickBooks. While expenses can be used to reimburse employees for their out of pocket expenditures etc.

Dovico Timesheet uses different terminology than QuickBooks for some key types of information. However, you can customize Dovico's terminology to meet your needs (e.g. change client to customer)

Please note: QuickLinks doesn't support Quickbooks Online.


Installation Steps

This App may only be utilized with the Administrator API tokens from Dovico Timesheet™ which is available via the Database Options (Menu > Setup > Database Options>API). If you do not see the ability to retrieve a token then your company may not have enabled the API or your company is using the installed version of the software.



  • 09/02/2014 - You may now view the Dovico Timesheet Task Assignments within the Task Mapping View so mapping tasks will be easier.
  • 07/02/2014 - Updated to use the latest Intuit QuickBooks SDK Version 13.0 to support newer versions of QuickBooks.
  • 02/26/2014 - Added Time Entry Descriptions being sent to QuickBooks so they may be used on your invoices
  • 01/07/2013 - Minor enhancement to add a Status Bar during load of QuickBooks/Dovico items.

Source Code Availability

The source code and technical design documentation for the QuickLink App is available to developers (please e-mail apps@dovico.com for further discussion).

This allows you to modify the App to match your companies specific requirements. Or the source code may be used as a template for creating a new integration App to your favorite CRM, ERP or other software (ex. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, Sage, etc.).

This Windows application is written in C# and the architecture consists of the following layers:

Developed by Xinfosystems Inc.
Xinfosystems specializes in the creation of unique solutions for specialized requirements. They are experienced developers of custom applications software that integrates into QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software for small and medium businesses.  

Take Your Time Back with Dovico!

Dovico Timesheet makes for simple and effective project time tracking.