Dovico Timesheet now offers it’s Premium price plan clients the functionality of single sign-on or SSO. When teamed with an identity service provider (IdP), SSO makes end-user authentication and account administration in Dovico a breeze.

What is SSO?

SSO is a trusted relationship between multiple related, yet independent software systems. With SSO, an end-user only has to log in with one set of credentials and is then given access to any of the related systems -in this case, Dovico.

What are the benefits of SSO?

  • Increases productivity with end-users having to remember fewer credentials and less need for forgotten password resets.
  • Workflow is far more streamlined between various desktop systems. When logged into the identity provider, an end-user has instant access across all SSO enabled applications.
  • Increases security by minimizing phishing attempts made on various systems.
  • SSO provides a central container of user account access. When administrators enable or disable account access with the identity provider, it changes access across all SSO apps.

How do I get SSO setup?

First, you will need to get yourself set up with an identity provider. Some of the more popular ones are Okta Identity Management or Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Once your IdP is set up, you then fill in the appropriate information within Dovico to pair up both systems. Finally, to let SSO knows who is who, it’s important to have matching user email addresses in both systems for each user.

After a few tests, you will be ready to experience a more straightforward way to use Dovico and any other applications that share the same SSO system.

Single sign-on is a time saver!

SSO makes app life a little easier for both the end-users and administrators. End-users will no longer have to remember so many sets of credentials and administrators will have a one-stop-shop method of enabling and disabling end-user access to all SSO enabled applications -including Dovico.

To get some help with setting up SSO within Dovico or you have more questions about it, please contact Dovico support.

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