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revolutionizing employee engagement for your busy professional service company

We understand that as a professional services organization you run into similar fundamental problems experienced by others. Your management doesn’t have much time, employees don’t like to enter timesheets, and therefore employee engagement can be low. Dovico is here to help.

Real-Time Engagement - As employees track their time

Employees will enter and share their successes, and lessons learned while their managers provide continuous feedback and encouragement. Fueling your employee growth and learning.

Clear Accountability - related to their goals

Ensure your employees are clear on their billable goals and how they're progressing against those goals to maximize productivity.

See this exciting new functionality for yourself by requesting a personal demonstration from one of our helpful staff.

Empowerment - To Elevate your team

Arm your employees with the data they need to take ownership of their role in your company. They'll each have a history of achievements, kudo's, and management comments to help prove their worth to you and feel empowered doing so.

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