Your business can either live to change or change to live. You always have the choice over how you approach change, but you don’t have the choice to change. Transitions are still going to happen and learning how to adapt to change is crucial to long term success. 

Gaining the ability to adapt to change in a business environment comes from preparation and knowledge. Having tools in place that give you a better picture of your resources is crucial if you are thinking of growing or just trying to survive. 

Employees’ workloads are out of control

For many years Dovico has helped companies big and small track their billable time. With the accuracy of a timesheet, Dovico clients have been able to manage one of their most precious resources: time. Time goes in, and revenue comes out -well, hopefully. But what does any of that time mean?

Is it adequately allocated to the most effective or profitable projects?

Is everyone working to their optimal workload?

Which team member can take on more?

Who has too much?

Effective workload management is a problem many companies face. According to The American Institute of Stress, 46% of workers report workload as their leading cause of stress at work. People are burning out due to overbooked workdays. Balancing your team’s workload is a challenging thing to do unless you have the proper tools in place.

Main causes of stress pie chart

Let Dovico help ease the stress!

Citing the need to help reduce workplace stress and give managers a better tool to balance workload, Dovico created Employee Workload. An easy-to-use resource allocation tool that allows it’s users to get a better handle on the demand of time that they are placing on their team. It also gives users a better understanding of how much capacity they have to take on new projects or even help with the decision to hire. 

Resource allocation availability

With Employee Workload, you will be better prepared to take on change and the transitions that a growing company often encounters. Knowing that your employees are optimally working gives you the confidence to go out and take on additional work, hire more employees or ease off for the time being. 

Task assignment employee availability view

Change is not your enemy; it’s just your reaction to it that can make it tough. Take charge of change, and add Dovico’s Employee Workload to your company’s transitional toolbox. 

Try Employee Workload today!

Podcast: “Change In Perspective”

Change happens to everyone every day. Taking time to think about it makes you a little less reactive and a lot more proactive. When you are proactive to change, you can manage it better and understand it more clearly than if you just let it happen to you.

Owen Vibert, Dovico Product Manager and Kayla Breelove Carter, owner of Breelove Counselling discuss change in businesses and personal lives, and the forces behind how we deal with it.

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