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Customer Spotlight - LDV Consultants Inc


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Customer spotlight interview with Michel Van Doorn, President of LDV Consultants Inc. and Owen Vibert, Product Manager of Dovico. LDV is an engineering firm and share their story about how they use Dovico Timesheet for their billing and project tracking needs.

"So once a manager has approved though whoever's responsible for that project approves the time it's in there and all you do is collect it. It goes onto a report which becomes the invoice. And we went from two people full-time, Martine and I for a week doing the invoicing to, in two days Martine has it all out on her own. And two days because we still insist on doing a lot of checking just to make sure everything's just right." - Michel Van Doorn, President of LDV Consultants Inc

Originally recorded in 2011 and reformated for this podcast

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